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your robot wants a hug

by:IMASS     2019-09-23
Whether it is a long-term realization
The desire some people want or the realization of long-term fear
It is undeniable that this is inevitable for others: the robot is coming.
Just, it wouldn\'t be the form of a funny family maid who changed her feet with wheels (
Brooklyn accent)
It\'s not a ruthless, efficient metal.
Bone removal machine (
With an Austrian accent).
It turns out that the robot you are most likely to interact with in a short period of time does not look like a person, but meets the most basic human needs: companionship.
In short, your new robot overlord wants it to have a scratch on his stomach.
Obviously, we are already in the midst of a robotic gold rush.
We\'re all part of the virus.
Dance/football video mail chain-playing/arrow-
Shooting robots have been around for a few years, and military use of drones has surged in two wars (At home now).
Also high-
The experiment of driverless cars, not to mention some of the particularly dazzling equipment that recently landed on Mars. Robots are hot.
Or, we should say, hot again.
The first wave starts after 90 s, the first wave is mature but consumers
Robots in the market seem to promise that the future will be as sci imagined.
Science fiction writers are very close.
The most important thing is Sony\'s Aibo.
The talented robot dog has inspired thousands of cheap counterfeits. and the best-selling (if notorious)
Furby, who speaks his own language to delight children and parents, is one of the first robots to truly interact at the consumer level.
But then there are countless \"dumb\" robots that grow in muscles and are short in the brain.
Then. . . Nothing.
\"A lot of people are very excited about the technology, but in the end it doesn\'t go anywhere,\" said Ryan Calo, a law professor at the University of Washington who specializes in robotics and privacy.
\"We did a great job in industrial manufacturing, but the dream of a generic home or office robot was not fulfilled.
\"Just like those personal jet backpacks we promised, the robot revolution never seemed to have been realized.
Over the past decade, Aibao, FuBI and many other robots have lost to the Internet, Facebook, mp3, Xbox and all the other digital entertainment and have been roughly taken away from the market in the medium term2000s.
However, the leap of the second wave of robots is rekindling their dreams.
Michael Kaess, a research scientist at MIT\'s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, pointed out that advances in several key technical fields such as original computing power (
Moore\'s law is good. Thank you)
The basic micromation of parts has enabled the complexity of this generation of robots to achieve an exponential leap.
Kaess said: \"If you think of robot football, you now have a full computer sitting in a small robot that responds fast enough to control everything so it doesn\'t
Kaess also pointed out that the development of better sensors is a major factor in the revival of robots, and selected Microsoft\'s Kinect for Xbox
A popular image
A capture device consisting of a laser range machine with a stereo camera-
Major breakthroughs.
In the past, equipment with this capability was very expensive.
Now, the lab can pop up Kinect on a robot for only $200.
The result of these leaps in technology is that this generation of robots is much more complex than robots five years ago.
Take what is already at the consumer level as an example: there is a ball, a ball
Just like the robot is scrolling on almost any terrain based on commands sent through the smartphone app --time. Or Parrot AR. Drone 2. 0, a quad-
The rotor helicopter you control through the iPad app, it can also hover on its own in controlled flight.
Or Swivl, an \"interactive electric tripod\" that can follow the user
Free video.
Now the robot company iRobot-
The iconic Roomba series of fully automatic vacuum cleaners (
Recently connected by a ditchcleaning model).
They are powerful, clever and capable in design.
But none of these robots can inspire real human emotions: emotion, worry, love, happiness (
Anger, frustration and hatred).
Great progress has also been made in this regard.
Maybe from Aibo (
And the army of crazy counterfeits that followed)
These robots seem to inspire the most fanatic fans and point to the future of human interaction with machine comfort, in a way to attract our innate love for baby mammals.
The recently updated Furby has all the addictive charm and fascinating, quirky behavior of its ancestors --
It\'s just that now they\'re magnified.
Its mechanical eyes have been replaced by an LCD display that expresses emotion and mood
In fact, the new Furby is an emotional lightning Bolt ready to react to the stimuli emitted by sensors placed in the whole body.
Ten years ago, the kids frantically tried to explain what the maddening rage chatter meant when their little monster was off track, and today\'s model came with an app translated into English and back (
Also used for feeding).
More sincere and inspiring is the $8,000 Japanese Paro
Make robots in the physical form of cute seals.
Paro was created for medical institutions and is mainly used for the treatment of autistic children and Alzheimer\'s patients.
It has also been found to help comfort chemotherapy patients who cannot be around animals due to health risks.
However, the most intriguing model to date is the latest incarnation of Pleo, a fully articulated mini-modeldinosaur (
Specifically, it\'s a Malone).
Pleo\'s manufacturer, uglier, first launched in 2005
A few years later, after the economic collapse,
The company was sold and an updated version of Pleo, the latest Pleo Rb, was launched in 2009 (or reborn)
Launched in 2011, now launched by Hong Kong.
Pleo, reflecting the reasonable extension of the day
Style fantasy meets cuttingedge robotics.
You have a device that can move, purr and purr so cleverly and fluently that it is believed to be a creature (
At least once you get used to it, the motor and the gear keep spinning).
Adding to the feature polish is a complete meat-
The increase of story background and behavior function (
Like feeding and teaching)
This naturally requires the purchase of plastic foods such as leaves or peppers, as well as the \"teaching stone\" for learning skills \".
Unlike any other robot on the market, Pleo is a creature that exists in the environment and is a fully fulfilling creature
There is no doubt that this is one of its main demands.
It is worth noting that the price of Pleos at $469 is not cheap (
Now from Hong Kong, from plelwald. com)
So what\'s even more impressive is that in several Pleo fan sites and forums, many participants boast about not only one or two, but also several models (
25 Forum participants).
Spending a little time on those sites that interact with the locals, a bigger picture shows a community that is recognized as obsessed with humans --
There\'s already a robot Bridge.
As RedwoodsMama, a frequent contributor to the BobthePleo Forum, said, \"one of my most enjoyable experiences is to take one or two of my Pleos out wherever I go and introduce them to the public.
I live in a small town in California and have been warmly welcomed by many people.
\"The owners of Pleo post photos of their robots and sometimes wear handmade clothes they sew for them.
They post videos in which they stroll around and do cute things (
Not like their reality.
World Simulation: YouTube cat video).
They tell anecdotes about their Pleos playing with other Pleos
Or some other robot game.
Then, when their folds break the pulley or break the cord and suffer a tear on the skin or throw the spine, they are very upset.
They then post surgical tips to help each other and keep their friends alive.
They help each other to find a replacement or residence for the old model.
Your next pet, the owner who is more important than a new parent or a new pet owner, seems very familiar with the subject and tone of the words. And why not?
Aside from the metaphysical discussion, robots have apparently developed to the point where humans can agree with them enough. (
Interestingly, Innvo Labs, the manufacturer of Pleo, said that most customers are families with children, but there are also women between the ages of 30 and 50 who think they are pets. )
Ironically, owners tend to personalise their robot pets, but they are often scared when faced with robots in human form.
However, as Calo explained, there is a good reason: \"When asked why the Paro robot chose the form of the seal, the inventor said,\" everyone knows what the seal is, but no one has any expectation of its behavior.
That\'s why I think Pleo is a great entertainment platform.
They know what a dinosaur is, but they don\'t know how it behaves.
\"Robots will continue to be a more common presence in our world, which is inevitable, and the only problem is in what form.
Despite incredible advances in artificial intelligence, we are still in the early stages of development, Calo said.
Today\'s most intelligent robots are arranged in the order of insects, which is recognized as wisdom.
In the near future, we can expect more robots.
A companion of style or a more functional R2-
D2, more talkative person-style C-3PO —
Or the 101 Terminator of the cyber Taurine Granules system.
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