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Which brand of vacuum cleaner is good? Sweeping and vacuuming are integrated, convenient, efficient and more practical

by:IMASS     2020-02-17
For most families, home cleaning has always been a headache. The larger the House and the larger the population, the more problems it encounters. Visible paper scraps, hair particles, invisible dust, insects and mites, as well as various sanitary dead spots in the horns and corners, all make people exhausted. Many people spend a lot of time cleaning and cleaning, but the cleaning effect may not be ideal. Because of this, many families will choose more practical electronic dust removal, purification and cleaning equipment, such as a powerful full-automatic sweeping vacuum cleaner. From the early wired mechanical sweeping vacuum cleaner to today's fully automatic intelligent sweeping vacuum cleaner, thanks to the rapid development of high artificial intelligence technology. Avoiding the shackles of the power cord, the sweeping vacuum cleaner can not only clean more indoor scenes, but also become more convenient to use and store. At present, the more popular model in the sweeping vacuum cleaner market is DONI V18 sweeping vacuum cleaner, this sweeping vacuum cleaner design is exquisite and compact, the total weight of the whole body is only 3. 2 kg, size: 345*345*82mm, rated power 35 W, fully automatic intelligent cleaning, with intelligent automatic recharge, no need to worry about no electricity. Moreover, it also adopts a short air duct design and is matched with HEPA high-efficiency filter screen to realize low energy consumption and high power cleaning operation. Usually, the light hand-held vacuum cleaner is limited by space and technology, so it is difficult to configure a high-performance motor and filter device. DONI vacuum cleaner has solved this problem through years of continuous research and testing. DONI sweeping vacuum cleaner is equipped with high-precision imported brushless motor, which is small in size, light in weight, fast in rotating speed and large in suction force, and can instantly generate suction force as strong as 1200pa. The DONI vacuum cleaner uses an advanced dust and gas separation and filtration system. The working principle is to separate dust and air of different weights by centrifugal force generated by high-speed operation, and dust impurities are directly thrown into the dust box, the air is discharged through the filter device to prevent secondary pollution. The design of various automatic cleaning modes is one of the highlights of this sweeping vacuum cleaner. In addition to the remote control wireless control mode, when you need to switch to other environments, such as cleaning along the wall along the table, the dusty place is cleaned, just the APP remote one-click start the corresponding mode. The DONI sweeping vacuum cleaner in the intelligent full-automatic cleaning mode can be used for cleaning the indoor floor, and can also absorb dust, dander, hair and dirty things at the bottom of the sofa and the bottom of the bed. Not only that, its power lithium battery can fully support 150 minutes of use time, with high suction and efficient cleaning, intelligent full-automatic recharge, even if you forget to charge or go out at home, the sweeping vacuum cleaner is also constantly powered, saving time, Labor and worry, and cleaning is more ideal. In addition, the DONI sweeping vacuum cleaner has many intimate designs. For example, the front-end hd ip Camera is convenient for users to view the cleaning effect in real time during the cleaning process. The working status, power information and fault information of the sweeping vacuum cleaner will be pushed to the user's mobile phone APP, it can not only facilitate one-handed operation, but also clearly know the current working situation. It can be said that this intelligent sweeping vacuum cleaner is definitely worth praising for its convenience and efficiency.
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