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Which brand of vacuum cleaner is good? Recommend top ten brands in the industry

by:IMASS     2020-02-27
The advent of the smart home era has made vacuum cleaners the focus of many consumers. The cleaning problems from the ceiling to the bottom of the bed can help you solve them easily. Judging from the actual use, a high-quality multi-function vacuum cleaner can really bring many conveniences to users. In order to make it easier for everyone to buy high-quality vacuum cleaner products, today's list of the top ten brands of vacuum cleaners is listed, hoping to help friends who are about to buy vacuum cleaners as a reference. No. 1, Ferina TOMEFON was founded in 1976, and its headquarters was set up in Stuttgart, Germany. After more than 40 years of stable development, now it has become a world famous brand integrating design, research and development, production and sales. From the beginning of its establishment, Feina TOMEFON has been insisting on continuous specialized research in the field of indoor purification. So far, it has obtained a number of international technical patents and is well received by mass consumers. The Feina TOMEFON wireless vacuum cleaner adopts a snap-in design, with long and short handles that can be freely switched, large suction and low noise, making it easy to create a dust-free home space. Second place, Dyson Dyson after Feina (TOMEFON) The international well-known brand is Dyson from the UK. As an innovative technology company, it has always been committed to simplifying people's lives with technology. The appearance of the first dust-free bag vacuum cleaner shows its position in the field of household cleaning. Dyson vacuum cleaner products have patented cyclone technology and strong suction, leaving dust and impurities nowhere to hide. The third place, philips philips philips brand was founded in the Netherlands in 1891. More than a century of development has enabled it to accumulate rich experience, in the production of lighting, household appliances, medical systems and other fields, it has won an excellent reputation and easily entered the world's top five hundred with a high reputation. Philips vacuum cleaner has multiple filtration systems for easy dust removal and fresher air. The fourth place, Panasonic Matsushita Konosuke was founded in Japan in 1918. Its development in 100 made it a world-famous international comprehensive electronic technology enterprise group. As Japan's largest transnational enterprise group, Panasonic has achieved very good results in the fields of household appliances and digital electronics. Panasonic vacuum cleaner contains a variety of cleaning suction heads, which can be easily switched during use, with high color value and strong performance. Fifth place, Black Horse Lake electric appliance in the field of LEXY home cleaning originated from China. The brand was founded in 1994. Its unique high-speed commutator motor and centrifugal fan technology make it enjoy high praise in the world. Currently, Lake has already cooperated with many Fortune 500 companies and become one of the young and powerful brands. Lake vacuum cleaner products have super suction in use, and the operation is very simple. No. 6, Puppy Puppy was founded in Beijing in 1999. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on research and development and sales of clean electrical appliances. Vacuum cleaner products are its representative works and have won many international awards in the process of development. Puppy vacuum cleaner products are affordable online, with various functions and very good cost performance, which is a good choice. No. 7 Electrolux Electrolux Electrolux originated from Sweden and invented the world's first household vacuum cleaner in 1912 to officially set foot in the field of household cleaning. In more than 100 years, he has continuously developed new products with his strong background, become the world's largest manufacturer of kitchen, cleaning and outdoor appliances. Electrolux vacuum cleaner products 68 decibels ultra-quiet motor, thorough dust removal and no noise are highly praised. No. 8, Taiyi Kai TEK Taiyi Kai TEK is an independent brand owned by Cobos, focusing on the research and development and production of wireless vacuum cleaner products. TEK vacuum cleaner has a light body, high dust removal efficiency and a wide range of applicable groups, and is currently the strongest vacuum cleaner brand among domestic brands. No. 9, Midea Midea Group was founded in 1968. It originated from China and has already swept the world. It has demonstrated its extraordinary charm in the fields of consumer electrical appliances, HVAC, robots and automation systems. Diversified products and ultra-high cost performance have become the only choice for many families. Midea's vacuum cleaner products can be used for multiple purposes, and various suction heads can cope with various complex indoor environments at an affordable price. No. 10, Samsung Samsung Samsung Group was founded in 1938. Years of historical accumulation have made it the largest multinational enterprise group in South Korea, involving many fields such as electronics, finance, machinery, chemistry, etc. Samsung vacuum cleaners perform well in design, performance and cleaning. Strong suction can quickly absorb impurities and is worth buying.
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