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Which brand of sweeping robot is good, and the strength configuration doubles the cleaning ability

by:IMASS     2020-03-04
There will always be such a group of people around us who have a real skill, but they are very low-key and do not easily show off, but they will come up with 'real skills' at a critical moment '. Is Germany's Ferna TOMEFON such a low-key and capable powerful brand? The 'swing score' is taken as a blockbuster. The Feina TOMEFON from Germany never makes 'flowers' and 'eats' with real skills '. For 40 years as a day, Feina TOMEFON has always been committed to providing customers with more advanced, more professional and more intelligent sweeping robot products, and has accumulated dozens of technical patents, however, I will never deliberately show off myself, deliberately show off, and insist on speaking with more practical products. The best proof is the top sales volume and favorable comments of Feina TOMEFON. Nowadays, the fina tomefon with more full wings has already set up a 'tight encirclement' around the world, waiting for consumers to 'take the bait' and refuse to make full statistics, the market share of the Feina TOMEFON sweeping robot in Europe alone is as high as 80. This 'spectrum' is not what anyone can say, i'm afraid other brands can't match this kind of 'swing' courage. The 'clairvoyance' blessing makes the scanning ability more powerful than the human eye. Based on the high-end intelligent technology configuration of the Ferna TOMEFON exclusive chip, it integrates the high-precision scanning and ranging function of the Ferna TOMEFON sweeping robot. Compared with other brands of sweeping robots, the fenatomefon sweeping robot has more detection capability than human eyes and can scan the room at a speed of 500 times per second, with a word scanning diameter as high as 10 m, by quickly scanning the whole House, the home environment data is transmitted to the 'brain' of the fenatomefon sweeping robot, and the data is efficiently analyzed in the shortest time, and then combine the composition system, intelligent algorithm and other autonomous planning cleaning path. Zai (Water)Phase (Box)Can hold in the stomach (Sheng)Ship (Water) For an intelligent sweeping robot, the intelligence of its intelligent wet mop system is the key indicator to determine the strength of cleaning capability. For this reason, the Feina TOMEFON sweeping robot upgraded the water tank system again. On the one hand, its water tank capacity is further improved, which can provide continuous water supply for the whole process of wet dragging. On the other hand, the water tank can accurately grasp the water seepage rate, achieve uniform wet drag, and successfully solve the problems of uneven wet and dry, and excessive local humidity. Bring your own 'proud' attribute (Suction) If you want to change, you can change the Pina TOMEFON sweeping robot. There are also many humanized functions, such as two-gear variable frequency suction adjustment, which allows users to set different suction gears according to personalized needs, in particular, the mute suction gear is more practical, because the high-performance brushless motor with high transfer, large suction and low noise is adopted by the whole machine, making the noise generated by it smaller and almost zero, you can still enjoy a clean home environment in quiet suction mode. Having strength is to speak hard. I have to admit that a series of strength configurations of Feina TOMEFON have indeed doubled and upgraded the cleaning strength!
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