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Which brand of robot cleaner is the best? A good robot cleaner with these three features


Last year, a sales data for the smart home sector in 2019 showed that sweeping robots are among the best in the industry and are among the top three best-selling products. With the development of intelligent technology, the technology of sweeping robots is getting better and better, and the configuration development speed is getting higher and higher. Most products have realized planned cleaning. However, some users commented on the Internet that the sweeping robot is useless. Is this really the case? In fact, otherwise, after all, there are many sweeping robot brands. You cannot deny the progress of the entire industry because you chose the wrong sweeping robot. So, which brand of sweeping robot is good? We take the IMASS sweeping robot which is at the forefront of word-of-mouth cost-effectiveness as an example. Let us tell you how good this sweeping robot is.

From the perspective of cleaning, the IMASS cleaning robot is equipped with an original Japanese brushless motor, so that the suction force of the cleaning robot can reach 2500Pa. When cleaning, it will solve all the large and small particles along the way, improving the cleaning rate. And it uses a floating V-shaped roller brush, which can better gather dust and garbage, deep clean, and make the home cleaner. In terms of battery life, the IMASS cleaning robot uses large-capacity lithium batteries, with a battery capacity of 2600 mAh and a battery life of 120 minutes. It can easily solve large households, and it will not run out because of insufficient power for half of each cleaning. In addition, this cleaning robot will return to the charging base for charging when the power is less than 20% when cleaning. When the power is 80%, it will return to the last uncleaned place to continue cleaning. During cleaning, there will be no repeated cleaning and missing scanning, and the cleaning efficiency is greatly improved.

From the perspective of wet mopping, the IMASS sweeping robot uses a large-capacity drawer-type 350ml water tank, which bids farewell to the previous flip-type water tank, and incorporates bionic technology, which can control the water seepage rate with high accuracy, and simulates the artificial floor cleaning method when wet mopping , Let the sweeping robot achieve a deep wet mop effect, which can achieve the effect of mop and dry. The water tank is micro-electrically controlled. When the wet tank is returned to the charging base for charging, the water tank will not leak water, avoiding leakage due to excessive water seepage, and avoiding slippage caused by excessive water stains.

From the perspective of convenience, the convenience brought by APP remote intelligent control can only be felt by users who have really used the IMASS cleaning robot. The IMASS sweeping robot with APP remote control technology allows users to remotely control and monitor its operation status through APP only when they are in the office or on business trips. The most user-friendly is that through the mobile APP can be selected area cleaning and restricted area cleaning and other settings, think about it very cool!

From the above three aspects, it is not difficult to see that the sweeping robot is still very useful. What's the secret of such an excellent cleaning robot for IMASS? Since its establishment in 2010, IMASS is a successful pioneer and leader in the field of indoor purification. It has been seeking breakthroughs in technology. Unanimous approval. Become the first choice for families considering buying smart appliances.

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