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Which brand of automatic sweeping robot is good? Multifunctional DONI intelligent sweeping robot Power Dust removal

by:IMASS     2020-03-01
'Technology changes life' is not just a slogan. Nowadays, people live in a modern and information-based era of intelligent technology, and various artificial intelligence technologies are frequently used in home life. In addition to the common smart TV, intelligent sweeping robots that can take over the floor cleaning and cleaning work are also loved by everyone. These smart home appliances will completely change people's previous lifestyle. At present, there are more and more types of sweeping robots with different performances. Therefore, users need to pay attention to many aspects before purchasing. Among many brands of sweeping machines, DONI intelligent sweeping machines are loved by users, because DONI's scientific research team is composed of elites in the industry, it has various advantages in robot design, algorithm and performance. In addition, the cleaning efficiency of the brand sweeping robot is high, the failure rate is low, and the price is always close to the people. DONI has been focusing on the field of intelligent cleaning industry for many years. While its products bring new cleaning experience to users, they have been recognized by home users in many countries and regions around the world, foreign media are also praised as the influential sweeping robot brand in 2018. Since release, DONI The V18 intelligent sweeping robot has attracted many users' eyes with its ultra-high appearance. Rose gold is matched with pure white, fashionable but not exaggerated, and the smooth and exquisite lines make people look pleasing to the eye. The 82mm ultra-thin body can come and go freely during the cleaning process without worrying about being stuck at the bottom of the furniture. What is important is that this sweeping robot uses DONI special intelligent chip and is independently developed I- ANT algorithm can independently plan the 'bow' path and then gradually clean it in different regions to effectively avoid missing scanning. DONI V18 intelligent sweeping robot has remarkable cleaning effect. It uses high-performance brushless motor made of high-precision materials specially customized by DONI, with a maximum suction force of 1200 PA and a dust collection rate of 24000 RPM/MIN, can easily cope with easily twined hair. DONI V18 also has five cleaning modes, which can effectively clean up sanitary dead corners such as wall edges and corners for complex terrain, and can also adjust the process in real time, with high precision straight cleaning without yaw, it has been done without repeated cleaning or omission. In terms of hardware configuration, DONI The dust box of the V18 intelligent sweeping robot has a large capacity, which is larger than the dust box of the sweeping robot on the market, and the dust box is very convenient to clean. The mop function can also be selected. Its 120 wet mop water tank avoids frequent water addition during cleaning. It is matched with three gold water seepage holes to achieve uniform water seepage and timely replenishment. The nano-material barbed water lock design rag, dust is effectively collected, and the wet dragging process is uniform. If you are buying an intelligent sweeping robot for home cleaning, DONI V18 intelligent sweeping robot is a good choice, as well as Bluetooth speaker, remote video security, APP remote intelligent control, automatic recharge and other functions to help you better clean your home floor, trouble-saving strength is more worry-free.
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