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What to do if it is incomplete best buy robot vacuum cleaner delivery?
Zhuhai Kaihao Electronics Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the Manufacturing Consumer Electronic business for years. And we have won many honorary qualifications due to the outstanding R&D capabilities and superb production technology. Kaihao's location is close to railways and major highways, which is conducive to the transportation of various products. And there are areas around that could be used for construction. Kaihao provides comprehensive and reasonable solutions based on customer's specific situations and needs. If customers don't have the design, we can design and produce the exact that they want in every detail.

What happens when the cooler filter is blocked? No-load or low load will cause ice blockage,High load will appear when the machine effect is not good.The temperature difference between front and back of the filter is large.The compressed air before treatment enters the cooler to cool down, and some water vapor in the compressed air is liquefied and removed to make the compressed air more dry.The role of cold air is to dry compressed air.First of all, when the air temperature from the compressor reaches the cold temperature, according to the season, it is 40-Between 50 degrees, there are more water content at this time!The principle is that the water in the air is condensed and removed by cooling, so as to get a cleaner air. The biggest difference is that the main function of the freeze dryer is to remove water and remove oil;The main function of the filter is to remove oil and water.The role of cold water is to cool the air and let the water condense out.Compressed air passes through the filter element,

Is it good to use iron for regenerative filter or not embroidered steel? The front filter is usually installed in the water pipe water meter, which is the first coarse filtration equipment for the whole house water. it can filter the sediment, rust and other large particles in the tap water, and it is a secondary pollution. It is divided into PE filter screen and stainless steel filter screen. The two pre-configurations are selected according to the local water quality.Stainless steel filter: the precision is thicker, because it is too small and easy to block, and the front filter of backwashing is easier to flush the filter.PE filter element: PE is the short name of the filter medium that UHMW-PE ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene powder as raw material through the setting process sintering. PE filter medium is the core element of micro-pore filter applied in chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental protection industries.Filtration performance: the maximum filtration accuracy can reach 0.3 micro
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