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IMASS appears to rise in the robotic vacuum cleaner market. Enterprise spirit: Do diligent things, be honest people Business philosophy: Innovative, pragmatic and customer-oriented Core value: Not only for profit, but for development robotic vacuum cleaner developed and produced by our company can be widely used in various industries and professional fields. The robotic vacuum cleaner is one of the main products of Zhuhai Kaihao Electronics Co., Ltd.. carpet vacuum robot are the characteristics of robotic vacuum cleaner. The product makes low noise when running. The product is accepted with broad application prospects. With imported electric brushes, it ensures 100% cleaning effect. Kaihao has been providing high-quality products for a long time. We look forward to working with you.

The water reuse frequency conversion water supply device is used for Greening after the sewage treatment is disinfected by the pressure filter. can frequency conversion water supply be used? It's not necessary. you also need the most unfavorable point to ensure a certain pressure value during peak water use?Not water supply.Besides, the cost of recycling water in your water is already very high,Where does it benefit from resource reuse by using a frequency conversion?Yes,It's just not necessary,There's nothing to do with this.

Application field of water filter 1.Domestic water supply and filtration of production process water supply.2.Pretreatment such as UF, reverse osmosis, softening and ion exchange.3.Sea water purification for breeding sea treasures;Water filtration for industrial seawater and freshwater farming.4.Oil field reinjection water filtration.5.Circulating Cooling water filtration.6.Water Reuse and deep treatment and filtration of wastewater.7.Circulating water filtration in steel, petroleum, chemical industry, paper making, automobile, food, metallurgy and other industries.8.Turbidity removal and purification of groundwater and surface water.9.Central air conditioning, boiler return water filtration.10.Equipment water filtration with certain requirements for water quality.11.Water purification of swimming pool and landscape.12.Spraying and watering municipal and green spaces,Water filtration for agricultural sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation.
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