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Want an upright vacuum cleaner? Find out how to choose.


When it comes to keeping the house tidy and clean, a vacuum cleaner is a great companion.

Currently, the vertical version has been increasingly preferred, due to its ease and practicality. As well, it can be easily stored in a small space.


In addition to removing dust and dirt from the floor, rug or carpet, it can also be used on sofas and other furniture.


Vertical vacuum cleaner models are not lacking and although many have similar characteristics, small details make the difference in this product. While IMASS is a manufacturer, support OEM&ODM which is very flexible to customize what you want!

Ideally, these devices have high efficiency and can be used without difficulties.

For this, it is necessary to evaluate items such as motor, presence or absence of wire and reservoir capacity.


No less important, check the link, and order a sample!

ALIBABA LINK: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Handheld-Car-Vacuum-Cleaner-Wireless-Mini_1600149153387.html?spm=a2747.manage.0.0.5ca071d2YKbrFO

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