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Vacuum Cleaners: Is Bagged Or Bagless Better For You?

by:IMASS     2019-11-24
It turns out that all vacuum cleaners are bag-free.
All vacuum cleaners use cloth bags to clean dust and dirt.
They leak dust and smell, but they are much better than nothing.
Paper bags are then introduced, greatly reducing dust.
Paper bags have been greatly improved because they reduce the smell stored in the bag, dirt and dirt can be thrown away, while dust clouds do not form above the vacuum cleaner.
About 1985 bag-free vacuum cleaners are becoming popular.
Initially, the bag-free vacuum cleaner had an obvious advantage over the bag cleaner.
HEPA filters for all bag-free vacuum cleaners can prevent almost all dust and smells from leaking out of the vacuum cleaner exhaust.
The good news is that efficient air filters prevent dust from spewing out.
The bad news is that the jam is fast.
If the air humidity is high, or you are picking up the pet\'s hair, they are blocked faster.
Pet dandruff sticks to the filter to limit the flow of air.
The slowing air flow is also the reason for the cooling of the motor.
The motor in the bag-free vacuum cleaner often does not last as long as the bag vacuum cleaner, because this limits the airflow of the motor in the bag-free vacuum cleaner.
We have a retail store in Worcester, Ohio that sells vacuum cleaners and filters.
Two main reasons people ask us about the bag-free vacuum cleaner are: 1)
They want to save money on their luggage, or 2)
They want less dust.
A bag-free vacuum cleaner requires a HEPA filter to block the dirt.
These filters are very effective.
They also need to change at least once a year (
More often if you have children or pets)
And $29 is not cheap. $59 each.
It is impossible to spend so much money on paper bags.
High filter paper bags may cost one or two dollars per bag.
Even if you change the bag a lot, you will spend less on the bag than the bag-free filter.
The lower-priced vacuum cleaners are almost bag-free.
Profits come from filters, not disposable vacuum cleaners.
High-end vacuum cleaners use high-filter inner bags.
If you have a pet, pet dandruff will stick to the bag-free high efficiency air filter.
We also recommend to pet owners who use a vacuum cleaner with a charcoal filter to capture and neutralize the smell of the pet.
In addition, the natural fiber brush on the vacuum cleaner roller brush does not trap pet hair in the roller brush.
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