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Urban area of xinjiang uygur autonomous region, 2019 and will be at the heater products

by:IMASS     2020-03-16
2019 urban area of xinjiang uygur autonomous region at the heater products and will be dedicated to the complete set of equipment for laser cutting machine laser welding machine, fiber laser welding factory house price concessions. Until now in the market of bath overlord to want to have two types, one is to rely on lighting to make the warm light warm bath bully, one kind is rely on heating to warm wind warm bath bully. Shipping agency announced the release only for the purposes of widely dispersed more information error its inner essence meaning do whatever substance of real case verification check check or take whatever view or position. Press release inner essence significance and copyright and interpretation belong to announced the release of the entire company. About 1884 families, lion, dragon consumer evaluation, failure rate, Injury, not bright) As high as 3%, article 23 mentioned 'smell' evaluation. 9 light warm type product comprehensive scores are below 8 points, and price range is mainly concentrated in the 100 to 300 yuan. Is lack of comparison show clearly, but warm light type products that is hot a little. Wind warm bath bully is not illuminated, but the same manufacturer with LED lights, etc. , so-called 'triad', 'four unity, which brings together the warmth, lighting, ventilation and other functions. South China this week, the air temperature has dropped below 10 ℃, they also the rain, all wrapped into clouds overstaffed 'rice dumplings. Before the choose and buy, 'consumer reports' suggests that we should pay attention to the face of the bath bully conform to use the simplest or the size of the object surface and power, and the ceiling height in the home match. In addition, it had high eight on heating. 9 points. In the evaluation of article 4298, 74 consumers to mention 'soon'; There are 98 consumers mention 'warm shower; There are 128 consumers mention 'make warm effect is good. After following the electric blanket, the warm, 'consumer reports' on the warm winter products to the third - reputation evaluation - - - - - - Bath bully, The electric blanket and make the warm public praise in public, the background search) 。 Lights ( Light warm) / noise ( The wind warm) , safety, installation problem there is no doubt the most influences the use of bath bully, each one can be you do not accept reason for using a bath bully. The lack of light is a dazzling light warm, then the noise is very harsh is the lack of warm wind. But, the beautiful ZS20B seems like a consumer permission on noise, get 8. 6 points, far higher than other competing goods ( Said a few poor product low to below 3 points) 。 Have a marriage will be Chinese New Year, work outside of may according to the can not, want to go home early, consumer reports give you shivering babies happy new years ago ~ accurate network sponsorship,
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