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toyota wants to put a robot friend in every home

by:IMASS     2019-09-24
Toyota Motor Company
Enough cars were sold and each Japanese family had one outside.
Now it wants to put the robot in.
Toyota, known for its automated assembly line, believesso-far-
In the future, robots will surpass factories and become commonplace at home to help with housework --
Even provide Company
In an aging society where the population is over 65 years old and millions of older people live alone.
In the past decade or so, machines have become more intelligent.
However, every time you try to make a machine that can do simple things, such as loading a washing machine or carrying groceries, you will encounter the same basic physical problem: the stronger the robot, the heavier it becomes, more and more dangerous.
Toyota is targeting $29 billion in cash reserves, a new research center for artificial intelligence and a respected inventor, Jill Pratt.
\"This is a company with so many resources that you can never ignore,\" said Morten Paulsen of Tokyo --
Analysts at CLSA Japan
He has been covering the robotics industry for decades.
At least 2004 of ads have been trying robots since Toyota released a trumpet --
Play a humanoid with artificial lips, lungs and movable fingers that can be played with the human orchestra.
Research has become more practical since then.
Toyota\'s latest Android T-
HR3 is an avatar that can be operated remotely through a wearable control device with goggles that users can see through the camera of the machine-eyes.
One day, this equipment can be used as an arm and leg for people who can\'t afford to stay in bed, or as a substitute for rescue workers in disaster areas.
In the 2015 s, automakers spent billions of dollars driving its labor. intelligence-
Toyota Research Institute in Silicon Valley.
Last year it set up $100.
Millions of funds to invest in startups and new robotics.
This year, it reorganized its partner robotics department to speed up decision-making
Shorten development time.
\"Suddenly there was internal pressure to move faster,\" senior manager Keisuke Suga said at a recent industry forum near the automaker\'s Toyota headquarters.
The road to advertising robots has suffered setbacks.
In 2011, Toyota showed a machine used to lift the patient from the bed, but engineers tested it only on healthy volunteers.
Once they find that weak and old people need a more delicate touch, the product is on hold.
Another device, a personal scooter similar to a Segway, looks promising in the trial, but is banned from the road by regulators.
In addition to the factory and warehouse, the main story of the robot is the unfulfilled promise.
For example, Boston power, a hyped company founded by engineers at MIT, has spent more than 12 years developing 4-
But it has not been proved that they can be commercialized. Most of the $2.
Last year, 1 billion of consumer spending on home robots was spent on vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers.
Not the most exciting thing in science fiction.
Toyota says demand for care for the elderly will change that.
A graph of Japanese downages for car manufacturers illustrates this.
The pyramid of 2050, at that time
Third, there will be fewer workers to feed more than twice as many old people as today. (
According to the World Health Organization, by then, about 22% of the world\'s population will be over 60 years old. )
Toyota\'s human support robot, HSR, is the machine that automakers think is closest to the leap from the lab to the living room.
Robot equivalent to Corolla
All features, no decoration
The HSR is basically a retractable arm on the wheel, with a video screen on the top and two large camera eyes that give it the basic features of the face.
It weighs six bowling balls, but can only lift a payload of about 2 lbs, about the equivalent of a medium weight.
Size of water bottle.
Still, the machine is loaded with the right software and can do something interesting.
In a presentation by one of Toyota\'s partners this fall, an artificial intelligence startup called preferred web company
, The robot is able to understand the position of books, pens and other items on the shelf, it can clean one that looks like being 3-year-old.
The machine uses its sensor eyes and pliers to arrange a pair of slippers neatly on the floor next to each other, with both feet pointing in the same direction.
Toyota won\'t say that when consumers are asked when they can buy a home assistant, the ads ask.
But consultant Shanshan Zhengsen, former senior manager of the robot project, HSR said that HSR can be prepared for hospitals and nursing homes within two or three years to complete simple tasks such as sorting out or delivering meals.
For machines with deeper skills, the waiting time will be longer.
\"They need to be able to understand what people are thinking and be compassionate,\" said Sugiyama . \".
\"The idea is to make robots friends.
Buckland wrote for Bloomberg.
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