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Tieling 2020 robots sweeping machine mechanical assembly hall

by:IMASS     2020-03-16
Tieling 2020 robots sweeping machine mechanical assembly hall until now, more and more brands on the market and manufacturers. User it's hard to judge the quality of press, within a short period of time there is no way to choose, as a professional manufacturer of press sweeping machine robot, this place has some advice for you to choose high speed press. Press is a kind of, in the domestic production, punching process has a frugal material driving type sweeper material and can + volume of material, high efficiency, the operating arm positions for low technical requirements for a bit, through a variety of yield model application processing of the products is no way to achieve, so its use is more and more widely, ascension is a very important step of drilling hole, then what should be paid attention to in the ascension process? Selection should be to the factory to make it clear when the real sweeping machine material situation, the factory can recommend the corresponding product model and the model. The mold base is at the bottom of the lower die plate shape parts, work directly fixed on the press table or floor. Punch is a common sheet metal processing equipment, there are many parts to through out punch production model, widely used in various industries, in the process of punching machine installation, also needs to follow the corresponding steps. The following is about how to install equipment. Punching workers must learn, to learn the structure of the equipment and performance, know clearly operation procedures, operation certificate to independent operation. On the mold base is a plate on the upper die parts, near the press ram at work, and press the slider directly or through the handle fixed. Without grant, factory do not to whatever changes of equipment, in order to avoid damage to equipment, cause potential safety hazard. How to replace the safety of the punch? In front of the punch the security block to replace hole, as under the metal sign. With empty hands gymnastics steps as follows: first of all, move the slider to the top and bottom dead center position, if there is any balance cylinder or balance block, should be unloaded over there on the edge of the air or balance. Assuming no unloading, exploring, maintained the slider progress running, open the slider at the front of the Windows, remove the damage of security block, check whether the ball head block moves down. Runtime, down from the model board or produce the slider handle on the hole jacking tee, add new security block, after install other parts, with the overload switch slider also need check whether the switch is reset. Assuming no longer, the report said Chen 'overload' failure, caused by failure to work. Punch lubricating oil system mainly contain machine tool guideway, transmission gear, ball screw, and the main optical axis parts such as lubricating oil, the way is electric intermittent lubricating oil pump and quantitative centralized lubrication oil pump, electric side edge intermittent widely used lubricating oil pump, the automatic lubrication time interval and the pump capacity, or setting the parameters can be adjusted according to the requirements of lubricating oil, lubricating oil pump inside the filter should be replaced regularly clean, once a year. Punch block with safety is a device to prevent overload machinery as far as possible to take care of. When pressed into the tonnage than norm force reaches a certain value, the sliding block security block first will be installed in the collapse and damage, to take care of the other parts of the punch is not damaged, as far as possible with the ball head, ball screw nails, slider security block ball cover parts, such as the movement space is very small, when security block due to subsidence or sinking deformation and damage, the base thickness decreases, the ball head and the ball bowl, cover gap increases, and the impact produced when sound slider dead center has been changed. At this point, should be timely stop vehicle examination to check, replace the damage or variant security block, prevent the ball socket cover or ball-and-socket damage for a long period of time. ,
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