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This robot company wants to introduce 100 thousand sets of unmanned floor washing machines with a unit price of '' to the world, best robot cleaner

by:IMASS     2020-02-14

Once the unmanned washing machine, the best robot cleaner was launched, it immediately received a lot of attention and pursuit from the cleaning property industry.  However, the price of the washing machine is still expensive at this stage, whether it is a domestic or imported driving washing machine, A few million to a few 100,000 all have expensive of Price let many customer prohibitive have to continue to select hand push type washs ground machine more needless to say no one driving washing machine in people of impression in, this is completely the black technology in the high-end world, and the price has shut out most properties. Aike robot intends to launch the same revolution as Xiaomi in the unmanned robot washing industry.

At the end of 2018, Aike robot company launched a new iSmartV1. 5. 0 Interactive Media cleaning robot, but the price is only '100 thousand', compared with 100,000 of the driving washing machine and unmanned washing machine, V1. 5. 0 is a price but subversive action! Echo iSmartV1. 5. 0 driverless washing machine for places with large traffic, such as airports, hospitals, supermarkets, property, daytime cleaning slight garbage (Melon peel, fruit peel, paper) And push away the dust on the ground, dry the ground at the same time, when there is less traffic at night, wash the floor deeply and mop the floor. The lithium battery capacity of Aike robot power is as high as 130Ah, and it only takes 3 ~ 4 hours, single continuous working time is more than 8 hours; The 80L clean water tank capacity and 45L sewage tank capacity also provide time guarantee for the robot's endurance water supply! In terms of cleaning efficiency, ismartv1 with 560MM large roller brush. 5. 0, can reach 2016 ㎡/h, single charge cleaning area up to 15000 ㎡ ~ 16000 ㎡! In terms of security: iSmartV1. 5. The 0 cleaning robot is equipped with a three-dimensional 360-degree 150-meter panoramic lidar near-field 360-degree two-dimensional lidar, ToF laser intelligent camera, fusion human body sensor/small spot laser ranging sensor module, fusion of ultrasonic sensors, electronic anti-collision strips, anti-drop sensors and other high-tech equipment, to achieve far-field 360-degree 150-meter 70000-square-meter second-level map building, near-field 360-degree surround safety obstacle avoidance and obstacle avoidance to deal. In addition, the status of the robot can be remotely monitored through the Aike robot operation and maintenance platform and on-site application APP. In case of emergency, the robot can also be stopped from working through the emergency braking function on the robot!                                

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