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There are also special robots for washing toilets? I was shocked to see the price

by:IMASS     2020-02-22
With the change of people's living habits, more and more people now have toilets installed in their homes. On the one hand, they want to conform to the style of home decoration, and on the other hand, they think it will be more comfortable to use toilets. But no matter how beautiful and comfortable it is, the toilet, as a tool we come into contact with every day, is also the place where bacteria are most likely to breed. Therefore, we must regularly clean and disinfect the toilet in our home. When it comes to cleaning the toilet, I believe many people are beginning to complain. For many people in modern times, cleaning the toilet is definitely a very challenging housework. The toilet is dirty and smelly, and it is still so difficult to clean. If a person with cleanliness is allowed to clean the toilet, it is even more difficult than letting him play in the war. So, with the development of science and technology, do we have to do it ourselves to clean the toilet? Of course not! In fact, the world's first portable toilet cleaning robot has been invented and put on the market recently. Therefore, this means that from now on, the trouble of cleaning the toilet can be completely handed over to the robot. According to the news, this portable toilet cleaning robot is called 'Giddle'. Its appearance design looks very scientific and technological, simple but not simple. The main body can be divided into two components, one is responsible for fixing the toilet, and can be adjusted according to the cleaning needs of the rotating base. The other part is the robot's hand, that is, the brush that directly cleans the toilet. The base perfectly matches the brush to clean the toilet highly. It is worth mentioning that the base can match the brush to complete 360 rotation. Therefore, the strength of this machine to clean the toilet is very strong, which can take into account every angle of hidden dirt in the toilet. In fact, the design of this portable toilet cleaning robot designer is also very simple, that is, I hope the robot can help everyone completely say goodbye to the dirty and tiring work of traditional manual toilet cleaning. This portable toilet cleaning robot is also very convenient to use and operate. We only need to install it directly on the toilet lid and then turn on the robot, which can help you clean the toilet, it will be cleaned according to the cleaning needs of the toilet at different angles to clean the toilet in an all-round way. Cleaning from top to bottom does not let go of any hidden corners. Therefore, using this robot to clean the toilet is definitely much cleaner than manual cleaning. In addition, there is another point we need to pay attention to, that is, this portable toilet cleaning robot needs to be charged, so we 'd better use it after it is fully charged before use, otherwise, it would be embarrassing to wait until the robot was half washed and suddenly stopped working without electricity. Seeing this, I think many friends have already moved and want to take this robot home. But please calm down, please look at the price of this robot first, maybe after reading its price positioning, you will be a little disheartened. This portable toilet cleaning robot sells for 499. 9 US dollars, the conversion will be more than three thousand three hundred yuan. Yes, you are right. Such a cleaning robot needs more than three thousand yuan to take home. For the moonlight clan like the author, even with the help of Hua Bai, seeing such a price positioning can only be seen and stopped. However, on the other hand, Xiao Bian thinks that this kind of toilet cleaning robot is quite fresh, and its cleaning intensity and even work efficiency are higher than our manual cleaning. Therefore, if you are a friend with abundant conditions, this portable toilet cleaning robot is quite worth starting.
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