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The Tibet autonomous region GangBa county 2019 Beijing Windows and doors factory machines and exhibition

by:IMASS     2020-03-18
The Tibet autonomous region GangBa county 2019 Beijing Windows and doors factory machines and show professional committed to the complete set of equipment for laser cutting machine laser welding machine, fiber laser welding factory house price concessions. In 2003, through several months of reflection, to renew his entrepreneurial experience of failure, he felt or a experienced people, is the lack of good opportunities. And he left ordos city came into the surrounding city go on printing, dedicated to the installation of window of model steel door with manufacturing. With a year's time, zhang mq stood up again, back to the ordos city after paying off the debt owed by a have a surplus of more than 30 ten thousand yuan. Zhang wei think, the company can not to blindly pursuit of profit, the current industry to form a brand effect is very difficulty, profit cycle is long, and the product quality is the 1 piece of open market phase. Only product quality good, consumers of natural 'pay', to make products will talk, would be a conscience should continue to search for to explore one of the goals of company. The price range of doors and Windows is not the same as in 1000 ~ 2500 yuan, belong to the high-end brand, also is a high ratio of brand personality. Own brand and foshan, believe in the power of influence, really is correct. Since March 28th SONY mobile official since Beijing announced the closure of factories, one of the five factories of SONY in China Beijing se putian mobile communications co. , LTD. , has already begun to employees laid off. March 29th to April 1, AI business club access in shunyi district, Beijing SONY Ericsson's god, a number of staff, said the company is given at the end of the time line is April 10, is just a part of delivery staff eliminated the into the qualification of the company. Just over time, as SONY closed factories in Beijing, where the survival of these staff person will get success, also became a question mark. , 20, 1998 - year - old zhang mq set about from the ordos city baotou trafficking of coal, he was the whole coal life age minimum dealers in baotou. In no way to support the material circumstances, in order to reduce transport costs, he personally escort tram. He with no real economic strength, only to save life on the margins of society, hard entrepreneurship earned less than $twenty thousand a year. In 1999, when zhang mq's first venture into a trough, his home town of ordos city's economic development. October, zhang mq has set up a small aluminum door and window processing plant has 30 employees. Stained with historical sense and artistic flavor '798 art factory, although it is converted into cash, also put attention on the currency, but on the justification and posture look have very big different, eliminate a lot of complete market economy breed' hardship '. Factory needs has the following elements: processing workshops; Registered company; Machinery and equipment; Material suppliers; Hardware accessories suppliers; Glass manufacturers suppliers; Manufacturing arm positions for people; Order after take positions for people; Financial; Shipping operator and medium-sized truck; Publicity information and guess the LOGO; Since the television take positions for people and electricity sales; Sales arm positions for people; The boss, Alone have dominion) 。 Double saw a ( The late enough to add a) ; Milling machine 2 sets; Set Angle machine a; Flanging machine a; Two riffle machines; Wash the glass machine a; Adjust the machine a ( The late enough to add) ; Rotary table saw 2 sets, etc. , spending roughly around 200000. It is reported, Beijing se putian mobile communications co. , LTD. ( BMC) For joint venture, SONY mobile has a 51% stake. SONY had two mobile phone manufacturing factories, one for BMC in Thailand, one of the STT. BMC production of the main cause is a decline in output year after year, starts is not enough, there is no transfer to Thailand to produce the material. Henceforth, SONY will then jack neo mobile devices in Thailand factory, also will continue to pursue the best produce solution, containing until now feel and use of appropriate ODM manufacturing, flexible to be able to cope with the rapidly changing jack neo mobile phone market. Several old senior official staff talked about, in the factory for the throng, there is a job for 16 years, there are more than 20 years, originally indefinite contracts nor a son, said the company assumes that didn't accept 'n + 4' to repay the voluntary redundancy, leave can give them 1400 yuan a month. But the factory has to cease, and they have nothing to do, even down wages may trip a day is not enough to pay. Accurate network sponsorship,
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