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the super powerful vacuums you should hoover up - before the eu bans them!

by:IMASS     2019-11-28
They may not be the most glamorous home accessories, but, never before-
Ending the war on dust and dirt, there is no more valuable weapon than the vacuum cleaner.
With the new powerful model sucking everything from dog hair to cookie crumbs in seconds, keeping our home clean has never been as easy as it is now.
However, due to bureaucratic rule in Brussels, our domestic goddess may soon be deprived of the most important tool in our arsenal.
As of September 1, some of the best, high
As part of the ecosystem, the power model will no longer be manufactured in the UK and will no longer be allowed to import
All cleaners with motors exceeding 1600 watts will be banned, thus reducing energy consumption.
What\'s worse is coming.
The maximum wattage will be further reduced from 2017 to 900 watts, ringing the knell for some of the most popular vacuum cleaners.
This is worrying because the higher the vacuum power, the stronger the motor will be, which means it can absorb dust and dirt with faster and greater suction to a deeper levelseated muck.
The current average vacuum power is 1800 watts, so getting used to low-power machines may feel like going backwards for decades and back to times when the chores are more onerous --
Break and timeconsuming.
So if you like your vacuum cleaner there are some va-va-
Voom, there are ten bags here before the ban takes effect.
The Alleressesmiele s5 281 Allervac sensor is built in with a stylish white vacuum cleaner-
In the traffic light system, let you know when your floor is spotless: red represents dirty, yellow represents almost there, and green represents clean.
Its large cylinder shop
9 liters, so you can do a lot of cleaning between changing bags, while changing bags is 6 liters.
The 5 m power cord allows you to move without removing the plug.
Scroll down for video playback. The wire rewind and on/off buttons are operated with the foot, which makes the back easy. but at 7.
9 kg, heavier than most models.
Different settings for adjusting suction strength are relatively quiet.
The model has onboard tool storage for dust brushes and gap nozzles, as well as accessories for interior decoration and mattresses, so you can keep the furniture free of dust and allergens.
The devotees praised it for its suction and compact size.
Buy: App World. co. uk (£235. 04), Buywise (£249. 99)and Debenhams (£279).
The best mental TSP2101 for allergic patients, 2100 Watts, and high
This gray gadget. and-
The purple Hoover Spirit is bag-free, which makes it easier to empty and less confusing.
Washable high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA)
The filter can collect dust, pet allergens and pollen, which is a good choice for allergic patients and asthma patients.
The extension tube extends the Hoover range, so it\'s easier to get into the corners and under the furniture.
It has handy tools including a powerful spot-suction —
Useful for leaks
And spray painting that works on different surfaces and enters corners and gaps.
The most affordable high-
Wattage models on the market. Purchase: Currys (£64. 99), Robert Dyas (£69. 99)and Amazon (£86. 42).
The best choice for a spotless HOUSESamsung cyclone force sensor with a power of 2100 Wattsof-the-art red-and-
Silver cleaner has settings for different floor surfaces and works as well on wood and tiles as on carpets.
There is also a furniture brush that keeps the interior decoration Dusty. free.
Its dust sensor means you can pick up every spot
When it detects a dusty spot, the red light flashes.
Once the dust is sucked it turns green.
HEPA filter sucks in allergens, only dust
Free air freight.
Accessories include \"force brush\", which is conducive to solving ground problems
In dirt and \"turbo brush\", it is perfect to remove pet hair that is annoying.
The suction power is adjustable, but in the case of full power it is very strong and can even pick up the smallest dog hair --
Also suck up the carpet if you are not careful!
Buy: PC World (£109. 98), Currys (£109. 99)
John Lewis£199. 95).
Best suited to keep up with your neighbor\'s BSG8PR01 Home Professional, the 1800 wattsOne model with a higher price, this elegant charcoal-
The gray model will impress the neighbors.
It combines great suction power with a good ability to glide at 6 points.
6 kg, also light.
It is relatively quiet even in the case of full power, and there are a lot of tools including turbines, dust removal and interior decoration brushes and a long gap nozzle that can be placed under the furniture and enter the corner.
It has a HEPA filter and there is a light to let you know when the dust bag needs to be replaced (
Considering its 6-litre capacity).
Easy to carry with a 13 m operating radius, a long suction stick and an ergonomic grip, you can walk through the house with minimal effort.
Buy: discount on British appliances (£300. 79), Amazon (£320. 71)
John Lewis£349. 95).
For those with a budget of over TSXP2206 Sonix Power Cylinder, this is the best option, 2200 Watts. This silver and black Hoover is very compact and lightweight with only 4 watts.
9 kg, it\'s hard to believe how powerful it is.
It is equipped with a \"pet turbine tool\" that removes hair from carpets and furniture, and can turn down the power supply to clean delicate interior decorations and curtains.
It has a HEPA filter for dust removal and allergens
Plate telescopic extensions, gap tools and spray painting can be extended to the corners to handle stubborn spills, although they don\'t feel as solid as other vacuum cleaners.
Cheap but its 5 m telescopic line and 2-
Rising capacity means mixed reviews.
Purchase: easy to buy Amazon (Amazon) (Currys )(all £79. 99). BEST FOR POWER-
This model has one of the most powerful motors, which is probably one of the reasons why it went on this model? Lovermiele s83 10 Power Plus Cylinder, 2200 wattsDinky, enoughBest Buy list. Its black-and-
Silver design is easy on the eyes.
Strong suction ensures the cleaning of all surfaces, and its air cleaning filter minimizes dust during and after cleaning. At 7.
1 kg, it is not the lightest model, but it is equipped with a range of tools, operated by a 1 feet switch. It has a one-
Its 6 touch rewind button.
5 m long cable, some are not long.
However, its suction is well received, and this suction \"lifts\" the carpet to pile up and remove the dirt that is invisible to the eyes.
Currys, John Lewis and Amazon (£159.
99, reduced from £ 199. 99).
Smart pet SM1901 bag-free upright most suitable for pet owners, 1900 wattsThis has an attractive combination of red or purple White-
But when covered with dust and debris from home life, the original surface doesn\'t look very attractive.
Thanks to its construction.
In the turbo brush, this bag-free Hoover, it has a 3-
L capacity, good at removing stubborn hair on the carpet and cleaning the edge of the room.
For upright, it is relatively light at 6. 1kg.
However, at 6 m, the wire is short and there is no automatic rewind button.
It is equipped with a basic gap tool to access the corners, but there is no attachment for cleaning the upholstery and mattress.
It does have a HEPA filter to reduce dust, but 3-
The dust chamber is small for such a large machine, so it needs to be emptied regularly.
More noisy than some people.
But as one of the cheapest high schools
Power supply model, very valuable.
Purchase: Asda Direct and Amazon (£60)and Hoover (£89. 99).
This stylish model is very stylish and is the best choice for home sleep power plus cylinders, 2200 Watts. It is a shame to put it away.
This solid cleaner has proven in some tests over the past 20 years that it has 11 sep layer filters to handle dust, and a dust bag that is automatically closed to prevent dirt leakage.
Its party is a \"silent\" environment, so you can vacuum while the rest of the family is sleeping without disturbing anyone. It has a 4. 5-
Capacity, equipped with spray brush, Gap and interior decoration nozzle and telescopic tube for cleaning those tricky corners.
When you move from carpet and upholstery to wood floor, it\'s easy to change the power settings.
Buy: s52 11 Power Plus is available on Amazon and Robert Dyas ,(£199. 99).
Currys provides s52 12 power supply (£149. 99).
Best choice for big housevax Power 3 U88-P3-
B. stand upright without bags, 2000 W. and-
Orange vertical vacuum has space-
Age, it is best to hide in the cupboard.
However, with a 10 m long wire, it is easy to operate.
The 2000 watt motor means that it has good suction, plus an efficient air filter.
It is equipped with extension tubes, gap tools and spray painting.
It is good at picking hair, but as with many powerful models, it is noisy.
Purchase Method: Asda Direct (£89. 96)and Currys (£89. 99).
Sold out in Tesco, Robert Dyas appliance outlet.
Best for MENHoover BR2205 breeze upright no bag, 2200 Wand-
Silver bag-free upright doesn\'t look like a vacuum cleaner, more like what you find in Batman cave or bachelor\'s mat. With its 3-
Capacity, no dust will escape its powerful motor (
Pet owners are raving about its ability to get rid of hair)
Although the strong suction means it is noisy.
It is equipped with a range of tools including turbine brushes for pet hair, extension tools, long gap tools for hard hairto-
Spray/furniture nozzles are used.
It also has a HEPA filter with the switch button located below the handle.
Purchase: Currys, very, FindElectricals (all £89. 99).
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