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The real version of 'Tian Luo girl '-Intelligent sweeping robot surprises you

by:IMASS     2020-02-16
When I was tired from work and didn't want to cook, I thought that if I had a 'Tian Luo girl', I could eat hot food as soon as I got home. I couldn't be happier. Now that technology is developed, the real version of 'Tian Luo girl' is on the line. Although TA can't prepare meals for you, TA can do housework and cleaning. Proscenic (Pu Sanick) , Started in 1996, focusing on the field of intelligent cleaning for 20 years, a new upgrade of coco smart 790T double detection sweeping robot, the real version of 'Tian Luo girl ', your home floor cleaning problem TA can help you easily solve. Bionic ultrasonic radar, infrared dual detection, iPNAS four-segment intelligent planning system, APP remote intelligent control . . . . . . Eighteen martial arts are proficient in everything. The biggest highlight of this upgrade of 790T is the equipment of double detection devices. Three groups of bionic ultrasonic radars have the sound wave detection function of dolphins, which are used to sense the specific orientation of household items; 24 sets of infrared detection devices assist in detecting the direction and distance of household items. The super-strong device has a wide detection range and high precision. At present, planning is the general trend of the development of sweeping robots. Of course, 790T cannot lag behind. Pu sunicht has an iPNAS four-stage intelligent planning system, positioning-composition-planning-cleaning four in one, step by step, cleaning can be orderly and more efficient. In this era when the Internet is so developed, as a new type of intelligent household appliances, sweeping robots also need to keep up with the development trend of the times. 790T has the function of APP remote control. The mobile phone downloads APP and connects the sweeping robot through WIFI, which can control its key cleaning, border cleaning, automatic recharge and other modes, the power state of the sweeping robot can also be seen at a glance. Are you still cleaning with the traditional cleaning mode? The real version of 'Tian Luo girl' pu Sanick sweeping robot you deserve.
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