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The list of sweeping robots, big data tells you which brand of sweeping machine is good?

by:IMASS     2020-02-16
Which brand is good to buy a sweeping robot? Sales? Appearance? Price? In fact, it is not comprehensive! Not long ago, consumer report did a worry-free thing. They compared and evaluated six sweeping robots below 2000 yuan on the mainstream e-commerce platform, let everyone see which brand is good. 'Consumer report' gives seven parameter indicators for comprehensive cleaning, intelligence, appearance, suction, noise, endurance and hands-on. When purchasing products, these seven angles are the most commonly used and indispensable. Each is a key indicator. Let's take a look at which brands are the best in various fields and why they win? Comprehensive cleaning: which is the best basic skill? As the basic skills of the sweeping robot, the top three are: Xiaomi sweeping robot, Pu Sanic, and Di Bei. This index is the main part of the user experience, because if the sweep is not clean, all advantages are out of the question. The Tornado stereo cleaning system of Xiaomi sweeping robot plays a key role in this evaluation. Photo: The top three gaps in comprehensive cleaning capacity are not large. Intelligent planning: smart machines do not detour! In this respect, Xiaomi's sweeping robot outshines others and has left several streets of other rivals. The reason is very simple. It is the only one who uses laser ranging sensor and slam algorithm to plan the route. Consumers generally reflect that their planning route is very intelligent, can build room maps in real time, clean up without omission, can intelligently get rid of difficulties, automatically recharge, and even scan at breakpoints. Photo: The navigation algorithm of Xiaomi sweeping robot is unique
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