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the idea of robot butlers fuels our fantasies — and our fears

by:IMASS     2019-11-22
When it comes to robots, we have two main concerns: The first is that they will take away all our work, driven by media reports.
Second, inspired by decades of science fiction knowledge, they will resist us and against us.
It is true that robots are getting better and better in simulating human behavior, but at this point they can hardly make a pot of coffee, let alone take over the Earth.
In fact, a more direct threat may not appear in humans.
Like a table.
The robots we usually think
Some way of arms, legs, torso, head
Because they are the closest copies of our technology to ourselves.
We humans think we are special in cognition. K. -
Located at the future intelligence center of leverhulm, a researcher at the University of Cambridge.
\"As robots become smarter, they threaten what we think is unique.
Canadians need the future\"
Still, the idea that robots can wash clothes or dump garbage has its appeal.
So when the Defense Advanced Research and Planning Bureau (DARPA)
Boston power has developed military machines and robots for combat, and other companies are working on the task of training machines to help with housework.
Teaching robots to perfect these seemingly simple skills requires a lot of trial and error.
While the most popular machine creatures in science fiction seem to be relatively good at the human world, in reality, robots are still fairly clumsy.
The process of practicing a new skill, such as bringing you morning coffee, can eventually damage the objects they interact with, break cups and coffee pots, and even damage the robot itself.
A new simulation environment, built using the same software as large games such as the rogue car, is designed to help artificial intelligence (AI)
Agents learn to master simple home skills. AI2-
The THOR is an interactive and realistic 3D simulation that copies the environment including the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.
Instead of a physical-shaped robot jingling around the testing facility and breaking things in the process, artificial intelligence is essentially the \"brain\" of the robot \", new tasks can be learned and practiced in digital rendering of the environment.
Today\'s AIs is still \"weak\", but I\'m afraid the news of this new robot training ground will make you nervous about the dominance of the robot overlord, please rest assured.
There is still a lot of learning to do with machines.
One of the creators of OfA12-
THORestimates estimates that it will take at least five to ten years to come up with an AI model that can do basic housework, as researchers have just begun to seriously think about how to teach AI logic, common sense and physics. U. K.
The bank tests the \"digital man\" teller to help the customer \"current status\"of-the-
The art AI model can\'t handle too much detail, \"said Roozbeh Mottaghi, a research scientist at the Allen AI Institute\'s computer vision team.
For us, seemingly trivial actions are more challenging for machines, because \"AI agents can accomplish a simple task with only a few things to learn.
\"Although you can make half a pot of coffee --
Asleep, with eyes closed, the robot has to complete a series of logical steps and physical challenges: Finding coffee beans, manipulating the spoon to pick up and store the site, turning on the tap, filling the water tank, etc.
And try to catch the mug without dropping it.
Today\'s AIs is still considered \"weak\" because they don\'t have any real understanding, Angelica Lim, expert and assistant professor of artificial intelligence robotics at Simon Fraser University, at the end of last year, I wrote in a technical review by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
\"They are powered by mega-rule books containing large amounts of data stored on the internet --
So they can act smart but can\'t understand the real meaning of what they say or do, \"she said.
The fear of robot resistance misled the concept of the \"butler robot\" concept, a step back to the vision of the future predicted by Jetsons decades ago.
In this case, the robot turns on the lights, runs the vacuum cleaner, and uses other household tools originally designed for human operation, rather than embedding artificial intelligence in the home itself.
Family assistants such as Alexa and Google home came in here.
They are embedded and connected to the software.
Electrical and electronic equipment at home.
In this sense, maybe we
Researchers Vold said the fear of robot resistance has been misplaced.
She compares the adoption of virtual assistants to inviting strangers into your home --
You think the person who can help you, but in fact, he is witnessing and even recording every word of you, and his wisdom is far more than yourself.
Video | watching robot skiers compete on snow slopes, she said: \"There is a creepy factor that may be reasonable or unreasonable . \".
\"It depends on your trust in the big tech companies you invite, like Google, Apple, and Amazon, who now offer\" always list \"home devices.
\"Because we are used to seeing enemies in things that look like us, humans continue to be afraid of physical robots on Distributed algorithmic systems,\" Vold said . \".
We should not worry about the robot uprising, but more about \"malicious hacking in smart cities or smart homes,\" she said \".
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