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The global market for sweeping robots will reach 33. 0. 1 billion, pet hair cleaning class has great potential

by:IMASS     2020-02-15
According to the latest research report of Technavio, a market research organization, the global market size of sweeping robots will reach 33. 1 US dollars by 2020. Bharath, a research analyst at Technavio, said that the survey predicts that the average selling price of sweeping robots will decrease in the next three years, so Technavio researchers predict that the product market will see positive growth by 2020. Because it can reduce the daily house cleaning time, it is very popular among urban consumers with fast pace of life. 'Among consumers aged 65 and above, due to old age, physical inconvenience and difficulty in cleaning houses, the demand for sweeping robots is also rising, which will promote the strong growth of the sweeping robot market. 'Bharath added. The factors that promote the growth of the global sweeping robot market are as follows: 1. The improvement of the function and performance of the sweeping robot robot technology has promoted the development of highly complex, advanced and automatic sweeping robots. The sweeping robot uses infrared sensors to sense the cleaning path and avoid obstacles. Wireless sweeping robots are equipped with rechargeable batteries. When the power is too low, they will automatically return to the charging place. Threshold processing, obstacle identification system, room mapping (room mapping) And room information storage technologies are very popular in the sweeping robot market. They improve the function and performance of sweeping robots, thus driving the demand for such products by end users. 2. The growth in the number of pet-keeping families has played a positive role in promoting. Over the past 10 years, more and more families have pets. In 2011, nearly 6600 households in the United States had pets, but by 2015, the number had increased to 7800. For pet-keeping families, cleaning is very troublesome, especially for cats and dogs, which often shed hair. There are also sweeping robots in the market for pet-keeping families. IRobot Roomba 770, iRobot Roomba 980 and Dyson Ball are existing sweeping robots in the US market that specialize in cleaning pet hair. The demand for such products is very high because it can clean small hair that cannot be seen from naked eyes, and at the same time disinfect the floor to eliminate the possibility of infection and allergy. 3. New enterprises enter the market of share enterprises are constantly investing in research and development of innovative technologies to produce efficient and safe sweeping robots, so the global market competition is very fierce. For example, Dyson has invested 4600 US dollars to develop 360 Eye sweeping robots, and the products have been researched and developed by 200 engineers in the past 16 years. The development of the sweeping robot market has also attracted new enterprises to enter this field, selling personalized and improved products. Existing sellers in the market are also expanding their product range to better share the market.
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