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The first domestic sweeping robot: the Cobos robot successfully met

by:IMASS     2020-02-19
On March 20, the CSRC released a message that the CSRC's issuance and review committee approved the initial issue of Cobos Robot Co. , Ltd. on the same day. Founded in 2000, Cobos robot has undergone many transformations from traditional vacuum cleaner manufacturing to sweeping robots and then to household robots, it already has the leading position in the domestic sweeping robot industry and a complete product line of household robots. At the beginning of this year, the IPO of Cobos Robot Co. , Ltd. was pre-disclosed and it plans to apply for listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The sponsor is China International Finance Co. , Ltd. Although the three-month period was not as shocking as Foxconn's 36-day past, it has far exceeded the IPO efficiency of other companies in history. It can be predicted that under the influence of the green channel policy in the four major industries, more technology enterprises will be listed in China.
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