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The first AI sweeping robot, Cobos led the industry to a new height

by:IMASS     2020-03-01
The new product DG70 was first launched in the world in CES2019. On January 8-11, CES2019 kicked off in Las Vegas, USA. The leader of home service robot, Cobos, made a big debut with the complete product line of home service robot. At this exhibition, the DG70, the industry's first Cobos sweeping robot with AIVI visual recognition technology, was launched globally, apply its latest innovation achievement in the field of floor cleaning Kobos AIVI visual recognition technology to the field of home service robots, fully demonstrating Kobos's strong research and development and innovation ability, it brings consumers a new feeling of 'eye-opening and intellectual enjoyment. As a global event for talents in the consumer technology industry, CES has always been a testing ground for innovative enterprises and pioneering technologies, allowing everyone to see the latest cutting-edge technologies in the technology industry. Qian Cheng, vice chairman of Cobos and general manager of home service robot, said that participating in CES is of great significance to Cobos. 'Internationalization, Internet and robotics have always been the company's three development strategies. In the process of internationalization, Cobos has also been actively exploring the U. S. market, hoping to show the complete product line of home service robots at CES in the United States so that consumers around the world can understand the core of Cobos. 'In addition, Qian Cheng also said that Cobos is now actively building a robot Internet ecosystem so that home robots can do deeper work in the home smart life circle. Through this project, Cobos has improved the intelligence of home service robot products in environmental identification, human-computer interaction and in-depth learning. This time, the sweeping robot DG70 with AIVI technology is the demonstration of Cobos's achievements in the field of artificial intelligence. 'We hope consumers can feel that the complete product line of home service robots has brought you a more intelligent and comfortable lifestyle and can serve you anytime and anywhere. 'Qian Cheng said. The global debut of the Cobos sweeping robot DG70 brings consumers a new sensory experience, which not only meets the needs of consumers to minimize manual intervention cleaning, but also greatly improves home cleaning efficiency compared with the past. All this benefits from the new AIVI visual recognition technology. Dibao DG70 can give the optimal navigation route when working and is endowed with deep learning ability. Facing different family environments, can identify and avoid wires, slippers, socks and charging bases that often hinder the robot's work. At the same time, the sweeping robot DG70 carries the unique smartavi2. 0 global planning technology and blue whale Cleaning System 2. 0, let Dibao work more logically and intelligently to meet the needs of consumers, and realize sweeping and dragging in one, so that cleaning is deeper. In addition to the DG70, the wireless window cleaning robot window treasure and the air purification robot Qinbao also appeared in The Complete Home service robot product line of Cobos. Many people live in high-rise buildings or have many floor-to-ceiling windows in their homes. While realizing reliable cleaning, the window treasure eliminates the danger caused by users' climbing; The traditional air purifier has limited purification capacity for large-area and multi-bedroom users, but Qinbao can break through the purification mode of the traditional purifier at a fixed position and move autonomously to make air purification more comprehensive and efficient. 'The original intention of these products is to popularize a brand-new lifestyle, allowing users to spend less time cleaning and enjoy intelligent life. 'Qian Cheng said. In the future, Cobos will continue to take 'let robots serve the global family' as its mission, and experience the intelligent home lifestyle created by Cobos under the mutual cooperation among Dibao, windows and Qinbao.
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