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The dongsha islands in guangdong province 2020 electric sweeping machine machinery and will

by:IMASS     2020-03-14
The dongsha islands in guangdong province 2020 mechanical and electric broom will pick pressure machine, die closed network should be highly sweeping machine press in big closed between height and small closed height. Mould is under the lower part of the whole produce model, namely the yield model parts installed in the press. According to yield model in the installer will intensive installed on the turntable, absolute guarantee intensive multi-function sweeper direction, especially for the fruit of the right to request model ( The round and square) , more attention should be paid to prevent wrong pack and the pack. To this, we also know clearly switch socket, glass, cabinets, plate bump up Shan ∷ ii computer case, even the plane, etc. There are a lot of parts can be produced by punching model produce. Verticality, take a ruler, After the calibration, the width can support pointer gauge steel ball) On the point of the lathe bed platform and at both ends, with a pointer gauge measurement error of the left and right direction before and after. Punch is produced in a manufacturing process of a kind of equipment. Because of the variety, many users don't know how to buy. This is to buy punch is introduced. Punch acoustic chamber see fit and use of composite material, because is multilayer composite material, has many kinds of noise reduction effect. The outer layer: sound insulation layer. See fit and use of sound insulation plate. Lining: acoustic attenuation layer. See fit and use steel plate muffler. Middle tier: the middle layer is divided into two layers, a layer of damping layer, a layer for the absorption layer, each layer has its particular especially acoustic noise reduction effect, each layer according to the different material for assembly. Hydraulic press and ordinary press have their use is especially unique place and advantage. Sweep the floor machine, when choosing products must be determined according to the use of specific technical requirements, otherwise it will affect the use of later. The outside, also can contact their own labor to pick experienced and cost budget. Punch in the process of cooling system is mainly used for cooling cutting to cutting tool and workpiece, but also have the effect of chip punching, in order to get better cooling effect of cooling pump manufacturing cutting liquid to crawl through tool rest or in front of the main optical axis, nozzle, direct effects on cutting tool and workpiece cutting to heating position, cooling pump start-up assistant instruction in general by nc program control. Punching machine is widely used in communications, electronics, household appliances, traffic tools, hardware accessories, etc. Above standards can help you choose accurate and excellent products, help you in the process of normal produce further enhance efficiency. Equipment, especially large and medium-sized equipment, as well as safety post should be set up, in order to prevent the mistake by sliding or adjust yield model equipment, safety post should be interlocked with equipment main drive control, its strength should be able to bear the weight of the sliding block and the upper die; ,
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