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The correct way to sweep the floor Fumat D20 has a sweeping robot with three brains

by:IMASS     2020-02-21
In recent years, artificial intelligence technology has been continuously developed, and there are various products based on AI technology in our life. Unmanned vehicles, unmanned bus stations, unmanned aircraft, etc. , and in household products, sweeping robots are important for people to reduce housework. With the increase of consumer demand and the maturity of technology, sweeping robots are becoming more and more intelligent. The Fumat D20 sweeping robot is a high IQ sweeping robot with 'three brains' that does not run around in real time. How can a sweeping robot achieve high IQ? Formart D20 sweeping robot mileage planning, real-time planning, APP remote control, a sweeping robot can independently complete the work of multiple sweeping robots. The 'three brains' work at the same time, clean, high coverage and no dead corners. The format research and development team has made great efforts to build the 'three brains' system, using ARM chip, gyroscope and magnetic Hall sensor in combination with compound eye system and memory coordinate algorithm, the map of the home can be planned in real time, the bow word can be cleaned without deviation, and the leak detection and compensation can be done, let clean high coverage without dead corners. In the aspect of calibration planning, D20 adopts the gyroscope imported from EPSON. By monitoring the walking angle of the machine in real time, the sweeping robot can adjust the angle deviation when it encounters a turn or obstacle, and walk out of the standard bow shape. At the same time, while recording the mileage of the machine, the Hall sensor can link the gyroscope, record the coordinates of the whole room, and upload it to the third brain, ARM chip. ARM chip can calculate the coordinates of the whole house through memory algorithm, plan the whole room in real time, clearly distinguish the cleaned and uncleaned areas, and check for leaks. Some families like to lay carpets for beauty, but at the same time of beauty, it also increases the difficulty of cleaning. Manual cleaning is time-consuming and laborious, but sometimes machine cleaning cannot really clean the pet hair and dust falling on the carpet. The Fumat D20 sweeping robot uses a new generation of NIDEC Motor with 1200Pa large suction force and a length-width ratio of 62mm * 10. 6mm big suction mouth, can be female long hair, pet hair a net! APP remote control, cleaning is under control. In addition, many home users usually find it difficult to clean a certain area when cleaning, however, for one reason or another, I accidentally spilled garbage, sundries or water stains and soup stains and had to return to clean them again. The fumate D20 sweeping robot relies on the APP remote control system, which can control the machine to switch between various modes, and can also make regular reservations for cleaning. Intelligent Scene Simulation, cleaning status viewing, home cleaning is under control. Work gaps, travel, one-click intelligent cleaning, even if no one in the home can be refreshed. What is more worth mentioning is that D20 adopts a design of artificial sweeping and dragging separation, which can be used for both purposes, so that the home can be kept double clean. 2600mAh large capacity lithium battery can work up to 90- 120 minutes, one work can clean the whole house. At low power, the special coordinate memory algorithm can help the machine automatically identify the size of the environment, calculate the straight path, and accurately recharge. The format D20 sweeping robot APP can also remotely upgrade the machine firmware, which can avoid machine elimination caused by iterative updates and make the machine more durable. Therefore, the format D20 with 'three brains' is the correct way to open the floor!
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