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Technological innovation and upgrading, sweeping robot to intelligent

by:IMASS     2020-03-04
At this year's China household appliances and consumer electronics expo, the most eye-catching cleaning product, a sweeping robot, is too intelligent. With the rapid growth of science and technology, more and more people hope to be liberated from complicated family affairs due to the pressure of life and work. It is also because of this social background that, sweeping robots are widely used at an alarming rate of growth. According to public data, the compound growth rate of sweeping robots has been around 51% in the last five years. As of 2018, the retail market size of sweeping robots in China has reached 435 units, with retail sales reaching 53. 8 yuan. Although the penetration rate of sweeping robots in China is very low at present, its future market prospect has great potential. Technological innovation promotes capacity upgrading. The sweeping robot integrates cleaning, vacuuming and mopping. After a long period of technological breakthrough, the sweeping robot has been continuously optimized in cleaning hair items, dust collection ability, material structure of mop and water volume, making people's life more convenient. 1. Functional sweeping robots have been increasing in the proportion of robot market in recent years. Among them, sweeping robots with mopping function accounted for 59. 3% of the market in 2017. The main reason is that the mopping function has been added, this kind of sweeping robot improves the problems of uneven distribution of dry and wet and uneven control of force path in mopping through the design of pressurized flow control technology and constant pressure floating. 2. The price of sweeping robots with complete functions is distributed between 1000 and 2000 yuan. In 2017, the market share of this price reached 71. 1%. By 2018, with the breakthrough of technology, the price of sweeping robots rose to 2000-3000, but the market share was also increasing, which further showed that the demand gap for sweeping robots in the Chinese market was large. The development of sweeping robots is moving towards a high degree of intelligence. While today's home appliances are transforming to the direction of 'smart home', some intelligent functions of sweeping robots are gradually improving. 1. 'intelligent connection' between sweeping robots and intelligent devices as of 2017, sweeping robots with intelligent connection function accounted for 50. 4% of China's robot market share. 2. The integrated intelligent cleaning scheme of the sweeping robot the sweeping robot adds various types of sensors to realize the functions of autonomous navigation, positioning, environmental monitoring, etc, complete the one-stop integrated intelligent cleaning scheme of positioning, composition, planning and cleaning. It is worth noting that the visual navigation system of the sweeping robot is equivalent to endowing the robot with a pair of 'eyes' and can efficiently lead the sweeping robot to develop in the direction of artificial intelligence and autonomous object recognition. Opening a new sales channel integrating online and offline sweeping robots has been focusing on online sales in the Chinese market. In 2017, the proportion of online sales of sweeping robots is 91. However, due to the limitations of online channels such as product functions, more and more manufacturers have set up new online and offline integrated sales channels to increase customer experience through offline markets, let customers understand the function information of the product more intuitively. This sales model is undoubtedly very important for the sweeping robot, a product with more applications and higher intelligence, this is also one of the key strategies for the entire robot manufacturer to lay out the market and expand channels in the future.
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