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Stone sweeping robot T6 strikes: comprehensive evolution from inside to outside

by:IMASS     2020-02-29
Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise Stone Technology announced that it will launch a new sweeping robot T6 at ten o'clock A. M. on March 19. The new product will be raised by Xiaomi. Today, the official released the latest warm-up poster, which claimed that the stone sweeping robot T6 'evolved in an all-round way, from inside to outside'. The Copy also quoted the famous sentence of Wang Shouren in the Ming Dynasty, 'calm down and understand, temper things '. It can be expected that the new generation of sweeping robots will be comprehensively improved in terms of external viewing, performance and function. Yesterday, the preheating video of stone technology showed that the overall shape of the sweeping robot T6 has not changed much from the past. The top central position is the navigation detection sensor, and the front three control buttons are changed from independent distribution to integrated vision, the rear is still the cover of the dust box. The video also shows that the new sweeping robot can climb small steps and support mounting special mops with the function of mopping the floor. According to the data, Stone Technology was established in July 2014, is a focus on household intelligent cleaning robot and other cleaning appliances research and development and production of the company. In September of that year, it received millet investment and became a millet ecological chain enterprise. In September 2016, it launched its first product 'Mijia sweeping robot '. On September 19, 2017, stone technology launched its second product 'stone sweeping robot', which raised 1000 yuan in just 4 hours after its launch. On March 6, 2018, Stone Technology released the 'small tile sweeping robot Youth Edition' with a crowdfunding amount of 1379 yuan.
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