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SoftBank Announces Development of sweeping robot, Chinese enterprises participate in manufacturing

by:IMASS     2020-02-28
According to reports, SoftBank Group's Softbank robot holding company ( SoftBank Robotics) On November 19, it announced the development of a sweeping robot 'Whiz' to the office '. The robot is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) , Users only need to let them remember the route once, and then they can clean it automatically. This is the second robot launched by the company after the robot 'Pepper. Reported that the company prepared every month 2. 50 thousand yen (About 1537 yuan) The monthly rent package will be accepted from February 2019 and robots will be provided from March. The AI on the robot can remember the cleaning route, and the 3D camera and multiple sensors can detect obstacles and automatically avoid them. The robot is vacuum and can clean 1500 square meters in 3 hours. The AI is developed by US Brain Corp, which is funded by SoftBank Vision Fund with a scale of 10 trillion yen. Whiz's fuselage is made by Chinese enterprises.
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