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Smart people can be called 'sweeping robots', stupid people can only be called 'help'

by:IMASS     2020-02-14
Human progress originated from laziness, so in order not to wipe the floor, sweeping robots came into being. Smart sweeping robots can be described as a must for lazy. Not only will I take good care of the hygiene, but I will also run to charge myself when there is no electricity. The owner can rest assured that the play is stingy. But if you buy a silly robot, wait for it to be saved in the carpet and thread pile every day. If you want to start a real worry-free sweeping robot, it needs at least the following conditions: 1. Route planning the route planning of sweeping robots is divided into random type and planning type. Random cleaning is basically not planned. It depends on the robot's mood. The cleaning results are piled up by cleaning time, which is inefficient but has a high coverage rate. Most economic sweeping robots use this kind of random sweeping. The planning cleaning will use the navigation and positioning system to build the environment map and customize the cleaning path. If the positioning system and route planning are designed reasonably, the cleaning efficiency will be much higher than that of random cleaning. It should be noted that at present, some low-and middle-end price sweeping robots on the market use bow-shaped route sweeping planning. This design seems to be more standardized and efficient, but it usually does not match an effective positioning system. The possibility of missing sweep is very high, and the efficiency may not be as good as random sweep. 2. Cleaning ability the sweeping robot is usually a combination of sweeping and sucking. Some robots also carry water tanks and rags with the function of mopping the floor. The sweeping robot with the main brush cleaning component can sweep up the dust adsorbed by static electricity on the ground through the high-speed rotation of the main brush, and the cleaning effect is better than that of the robot with only the suction port configuration. In the choice of main brush, V-type and wafer-type sweeping brushes have higher cleaning efficiency. If your home has long-haired carpets, the cleaning effect of the clip-on sweeping brush is the best. In the choice of suction, many sweeping robots currently flaunt large suction. Big suction is certainly strong in cleaning ability, but it may also mean small suction. Small suction mouth is not only easy to block, the noise may be relatively large. Don't blindly pursue big suction when choosing, but also pay attention to the size of suction. For the mopping function, if your home is particularly easy to get dirty, it is recommended not to choose a sweeping robot that is integrated with sweeping and dragging. The existence of the mop will not only greatly reduce the adhesion between the sweeping robot and the ground, but also make the situation worse when cleaning areas with strong dirt. If the area you need to clean is dirty and you want to hand it over to the sweeping robot, the best suggestion is to buy a sweeping robot plus a mop package.
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