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Shanxi Province lucheng spot conference 2019 laser cutting machine

by:IMASS     2020-03-14
Shanxi Province lucheng 2019 laser cutting machine professional committed to the laser spot conference equipment optical fiber laser cutting machine laser cutting machine research and development, production and sales. Engineering mechanics, it is the important part of equipment possessions in China, such as transportation assistance, possessions and civil construction, etc. So, in the mouth often see objects, can through the process of fiber laser cutting machine for processing, wood, metal and other materials processing. It on the steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate and sheet metal for fine processing, with cutting speed, high precision, consequences of obvious characteristics. Operate simple, save time and effort, the absolute is one of the important choice of engineering machinery. As end of processing metal materials; Should not overlook the influence of optical fiber laser cutting machine. Confessions of an acrylic laser cutting machine, the application of medical supplies plastic laser to spurt the code machine, the garment industry of leather active feeding laser cutting machine engraving machine, laser cutting machine, etc. So, know share industry scope of optical fiber laser cutting machine? Mechanical parallelism: if there is installed in the mechanical parallelism, mechanical at run time, it is not safe, which, it is in the process of running, it will produce trembling, cutting out of products is also born in the sawtooth. Outside, in the process of laser gasification cutting material temperature to the boiling point temperature speed is so fast, enough to avoid melting in the heat conduction, laser cutting machine laser cutting machine is the laser will be emitted from a laser, the optical path system, focus on a high power density of laser beam, so off part of the material vaporized into steam, and part of the material as the ejecta from bottom of slitting help gas flow was blown away. Laser power of heat kind of optimal core im only must influence. In a word, laser cutting machine has many a little bit, make it have the exception is widely used in many categories, look to the future, the growth of the laser cutting machine will surely get better. Laser cutting technique in the electric industry can not only effectively solve the above title, and to improve the machining quality of workpiece, thrift and machining and processing cost, shorten production cycle, reduce the labor and the machining cost, wide promotion effect, etc. It has importance influence and value. Mould cost is high, the manufacturing cycle is long, bad luck in single and produce non-standard parts. In addition, the high energy laser exclusive custom machine, no reform can be directly into the level of 1000 w / 2000 w. 4 motor line contact undesirable, laser cutting machine is the laser will be emitted from a laser, the optical path system, focus on high power density of laser beam. Should from the new drawing or change. Mechanical work (not No refrigeration or pump does not influence) 。 Check whether the power cord is connected to the power plug; Check whether the power switch is open; Check whether the panel power supply is open. In electrical appliance manufacturing process, sheet metal parts and components, and complex shape, the process is difficult, and in the process of machining need amount of fixtures and tools to guaranteeing the processing quality. If current meter, check out our laser switch to have open, if open to see the laser power supply guiding lights have bright, bright, press the off button on the laser power supply, hand look at current, such as Pointers and less than 5 ma, laser power supply is bad, or are quite light intensity in the software and fairly light boast to 50%, according to whether the ammeter pointer to 10 - again 12 ma, if do not have to is the title of the laser power supply or the mainboard. Pump means less than normal work. Check all system of liquid level, optical fiber laser cutting machine is the use of optical fiber laser generator as the light source of laser cutting machine, ensure the pump in liquid receiver; Check whether the motor pump running, Check cycle system is blocked; ,
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