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Shanghai Bund, Hangzhou Yintai Gaoxian cleaning robot punch-in city landmark

by:IMASS     2020-02-26
Recently, in the Shanghai Bund, which has a sense of history and a modern Lujiazui, tourists can not only enjoy the landscape of the river, but also have fun with the novel robot 'cleaner. It is reported that these robots 'cleaners' are from Shanghai Gaoxian robots. Recently, Gao Xian commercial cleaning robot successfully 'punched in' a series of city landmarks. In addition to the Shanghai Bund, it also successfully landed in Hangzhou lakeside Yintai Department Store, 'He' is creating a better environment for city landmarks with his rich experience accumulated in the field of cleaning. Every day, 'his' work will attract countless onlookers, but he can always avoid it skillfully, tireless. The landing projects of this series of products involve not only the indoor high-end shopping malls where luxury brands gather, but also the outdoor hot spots with dense tourists and changeable environment, robots should not only 'take care' of the ground and counters of high-end shopping malls, but also adapt to the open-air square environment with changeable light and temperature, this is really a big challenge to the current level of robot technology. Shanghai Bund-- The 'secret' of those technologies that witness the autonomous movement of robots outdoors ecobot scrub 75 performs cleaning tasks on the Bund in the application of Shanghai Bund, ecobot scrub 75 is responsible for the outdoor cleaning work along the Huangpu River, for robots, outdoor environment is more complex and unpredictable than indoor environment, the visual positioning and object detection ability of the robot caused by many external factors such as weather, light, ground state, slope, obstacle attribute and speed, and the mapping ability in unstructured environment, and the ability to avoid obstacles have higher requirements. Ecobot scrub 75 can cope with the unpredictability of the outdoor environment represented by the Bund with ease, and is easily competent for outdoor cleaning tasks, it benefits from the support of the full-scene moving technology of Gao Xian robot, which has leading advantages in the fields of SLAM, perception, path planning and motion control. First of all, Gao Xian robot SLAM2. 0 algorithm combines SLAM with semantic analysis, and combines laser SLAM, VSLAM and other technologies to make ecobot scrub 75 adapt to factors such as light changes in outdoor scenes, it is easy to complete the mapping and positioning tasks in the special scene of 'large scope' and 'high dynamics' on the Bund. Secondly, the environment perception system of Gao Xian robot comprehensively uses more than 20 kinds of sensor modes such as laser, vision, ultrasound and infrared. Through abundant actual combat data and data-based machine learning algorithms, the robot is endowed with more targeted perception ability and more accurate recognition ability. Finally, ecobot scrub 75 realizes real-time path planning and navigation motion control in complex pedestrian scenes through dynamic path planning algorithm and interactive obstacle avoidance strategy, enabling robots to freely shuttle back and forth to the Bund environment, complete cleaning tasks easily. Hangzhou Yintai-- The precise perception and recognition of a probe robot the ecobot scrub 75, a robot from Gao Xian, landed at Hangzhou lakeside Yintai Department Store. In addition, ecobot scrub 50 also entered Hangzhou lakeside Yintai Department Store in August, the luxury goods area of the shopping mall covers an area of about 1. 80 thousand square meters of cleaning work. The area of the shopping mall is fully covered with high-end marble floors. The walls are made of high-grade glass in large areas. The decoration is exquisite and expensive. The unit price of one glass can range from 100,000 to millions. Is it really reliable to delegate power to a robot to clean such an environment? At first, the shopping mall also had doubts, but when I witnessed the operation and demonstration of ECOBOT SCRUB 75, the uneasiness disappeared. It turns out that the security system of ecobot scrub 75 covers components such as laser radar, depth camera, ultrasonic sensor and electronic anti-collision strip, it can accurately identify more than 20 kinds of special objects in clean scenes such as glass, water stains and garbage and avoid blind spots in all directions, so even if it is surrounded by glass, ecobot scrub 75 can still carry out cleaning work safely and without worry. From indoor to outdoor, from high-end shopping malls to well-known scenic spots, the pace of the Gaoxian robot has never stopped, and it will continue to verify the gradual improvement and upgrading of the robot's autonomous mobility. Moreover, the responsibilities of social insurance premium and non-tax income collection and management will be officially transferred to the tax department in January 2019. In view of this policy, people in the industry generally believe that the inflection point of China's labor cost may come ahead of schedule. Facing the current situation of gradual scarcity of primary labor force and the general trend of soaring labor costs, the landing application of fully intelligent cleaning robots in commercial scenes will undoubtedly become a high-quality solution for labor cost control and efficiency upgrading.
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