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samsung unveils wireless speaker, sound bar, uhd blu-ray player, and robot vacuum ahead of ces 2017

by:IMASS     2019-09-17
CES 2017 won\'t arrive until next week-it has a second-year lead in its name-but that doesn\'t stop all companies, including Samsung, from announcing some of their products before the trade show.
For Korea-
The electronics giant, including a new wireless speaker, a new speaker, a new Ultra HD Blu-ray
A new robot vacuum. With its audio-
Samsung claims to have found the \"future of Audio \".
The company refers to its proprietary audio upgrade technology, known as ultra-high quality audio, or just UHQ. With it, any 8-to 24-
Bit source can be converted to 32-
Samsung said the bitstream was \"closer to the original recording in quality than the existing HD Audio \".
This is not the first time Samsung has sold its UHQ technology, and the Galaxy Note 5 has installed similar settings on the same day.
In addition, in the era when most people get music through streaming services such as Spotify and Apple music, people can\'t help but ask whether ordinary consumers care about 8-, 24-and 32-
The bit stream of audio can even distinguish them.
Samsung\'s other algorithm includes distortion elimination, which the company claims \"can intelligently predict the movement of the bass speaker, control it, and play a more solid and stable sound under the bass tone \".
As for the product, the Samsung H7 wireless speaker, as the name suggests, looks like a streamlined version of the old versionschool stereo.
However, in terms of music playback, this is not retro at all, and the wheel of the Speaker allows you to select the playlist from the streaming service.
At the same time, Samsung said that the MS750 speaker will \"subwoofer performance directly into the host \".
And M9500 Ultra HD Blu-ray-
Samsung said ray player was optimized for HDR content.
Whether it\'s HDR, Atmos, or DTS, the new player will view the source
X-and adjust the video and audio for \"best\" performance.
In addition, its \"private cinema\" viewing mode allows you to send audio to a pair of Bluetooth headsets instead of a TV.
The rounding of this batch is the VR7000 robot vacuum, which is less than 4-inches tall.
This is thinner than all existing products in the iRobot series, except for Roomba 770 under 3 years of age. 5-inches.
But Samsung\'s new vacuum cleaner has surpassed Roomba with Alexa\'s support, which means you can use Amazon Echo to control it.
Technically, this is still not CES, so Samsung will naturally withhold the detailed specifications, prices or availability of all of the above products.
More information is expected early next week.
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