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robots strut their stuff at innorobo

by:IMASS     2019-09-23
Whether they\'re using it seriously or just for fun, robots at the forefront of robotics are on display at the InnoRobo summit in France.
If there\'s a way for stereotypes in science fiction, we\'ll all have robot housekeepers wash clothes, cook meals and get the bins out.
But robots that appear as front runners are much more professional.
Think about Roomba, sell a robot vacuum cleaner for 6 million, or a friendly robot dinosaur Pleo.
The first InnoRobo summit in Lyon, France brought together more than 100 robots and their manufacturers to show potential buyers their capabilities.
Highlights include exoskeletons, football
Robot robot, educational robot, high precision industrial robot arm.
However, four robots stand out from the crowd.
There is nothing fascinating about the artificial vagina-but the biomechanics delivery simulator BirthSIM has an important use: it trains doctors to use tweezers correctly to help deliver stubborn babies.
The robot, manufactured by the laboratory ampire amp ère in Lyon, requires trainees to guide the tweezers into the birth canal, bypass the head of a fake baby, and pull it out.
Due to the limited visibility of the birth canal, sensors and 3D imaging on the screen provide visual assistance to show students where the tweezers are.
One of the most eye-catching videos at the robot summit is a cute, bipedal animal, child --
It\'s like a robot is repeatedly beaten.
This is not the case for the robot Protection Agency (
Not yet)
It\'s an example of how Machines stabilize themselves.
The kobban is 70 cm high and weighs 5 kg and has a mechanical structure that includes a column of \"vertebrae\" that can be adjusted in case of instability.
When it is combined with many small motors, it not only makes the mobilban move very naturally, but also makes it very agile.
So you can spar with this humanoid robot and it will keep standing.
Finding caves for Taliban militants is an important part of the ongoing war in Afghanistan.
It was originally performed by a soldier who would climb into the stadium.
Black Rabbit Warren with torch and prayer.
Thanks to iRobot, known for creating Roomba, soldiers can now remotely control a 18 kg mini tank called PackBot to perform the mission.
It can navigate tricky terrain while recording audio and video.
PackBot was very successful and the US military has deployed more than 4,000 soldiers in Afghanistan to clean up caves and dismantle improvised explosive devices.
Colin Angel, president of IRobot, said: \"Every time a robot is destroyed, it can save 1 to 10 people.
When a robot dies, you don\'t have to write to your home.
\"Caring Partners \"(
\"Love partner\" in Hawaii \")
The vision of robotics is to design a social robot that helps the elderly or the weak.
Founded by Tandy Trower, who created Microsoft Robotics, the company aims to create safe, useful and commercially promising robots over the next three years.
Trower believes that the home robot market is limited to toys or small robots. scale, single-
The purpose creature is because people are not prepared to spend more than £ 5,000 on a robot that does just housework.
However, with the rapid aging of the population and excessive health --
The expensive machines that the care system provides physical help and companionship have the potential.
Olivia Soren is the news editor at www. wired. co.
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