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robot in real life

by:IMASS     2019-11-18
“Chitty —the Robot; Speed —1 Terahertz; Memory —1 Gigabyte” —
The super robot in \"Enthiran\" caused a sensation.
It can speak, move, sing, shake legs, beat villains, and romantic and beautiful ashvarya Rayi.
Also share the words of wisdom.
This exciting Andrea. Humanoid robot
Play Rajnikanth)
Curious about robots and robots.
Some websites, such as> www. behindwoods.
Com has a dedicated online forum and Q & A section on this topic.
Now engineering students are showing more and more working models of robots at science exhibitions.
\"People want to know if it\'s really possible for the robot to spin the head at 360 degrees as it does in the movie,\" T. laughs
Vijayanand, the first employee of the S16 Creative Lab.
Entrepreneur R says many possibilities are \"absolutely possible \".
Muthukumar is a patented \"smart\" robot.
\"In any robot, with the help of a stepping motor, a servo motor, or a DC (direct current)
He added.
However, the stepping motor helps to achieve a precise angle of continuous rotation, as in the film Enthiran.
Smarty of Muthukumar is an artificial intelligence robot, which is used in industrial applications (
Pick an object from one point and place it in another place).
\"It is sensitive enough to even hold the eggs without breaking them,\" Muthukumar added . \".
In home applications, this robot is very convenient in dust removal.
The vacuum cleaner is connected to the bottom of it, and the robot can even sense the smallest dust, pick it up and put it insidebuilt dustbin.
We just need to empty the bin when it\'s full.
\"Artificial intelligence is achieved through the artificial brain.
For example, when the apartment is on fire, it does not wait for the order but starts to put out the fire.
\"Robots are super smart computers,\" said Vijayanand.
\"The days when robots become reality are not far away.
\"Robots are super smart computers,\" he said.
\"Robots are rapidly becoming an essential part of our daily lives.
However, rational thinking needs to be explored.
For example, a robot programmed to carry an umbrella when it rains, how does it react when it doesn\'t rain?
He says robots designed for the desired single function have arrived.
In the industrial sector, especially in the textile industry, robot operations can complete specific tasks such as dyed fabrics.
In the automotive industry, it is used to assemble parts or fix doors.
Robot technology helps with material processing (
(Such as filling bottles with jam or kimchi)
Nanda Kumar, CEO of Treffer technologies, said the fruit harvest and packaging industry.
Treffer provides engineering design services to American customers. S. and Europe.
\"Robots are an electronic device.
Mechanic machine that responds to the programbuilt.
\"It can appear in any form,\" he explained . \".
At home, we already have micro robot applications like vacuum cleaner, automatic mower, washing machine and mixer grinder.
\"With globalization, companies are moving in a systematic, wrong direction --
This is ensured by the free operation and use of robots.
Young entrepreneur Sindhuja rajamalan says robots are the future of space research.
As a ninth grade student in Chennai, she designed characters for 2D and 3D games on the Internet.
\"Astronauts are at risk of being hit by fragile bones and asteroids.
Robots will not face such problems.
They can exist without air and water and are programmed to send research data to scientists in the laboratory.
In this way, even if the spacecraft crashes, there will be no loss of life or data.
In order to reduce the size of the operation and make nano-robots, research on nano-technology is under way (
A bit like the concept of bonsai)
The thinking ability of robots.
For example, if you want to comb your hair once an hour, is the robot smart enough to identify and customize your needs?
\"Understanding and education of robots is important.
\"Other factors include the cost-effectiveness and marketing of robots,\" added Vijayanand . \".
As part of the student exchange program, Sindhuja, a 12-year student who recently visited Japan, was fascinated by robots.
\"At the Toyota Museum in Nagoya, we saw five to six robots playing instruments, from keyboards and drums to violin and guitar.
In the restaurant, robots take orders and provide food.
They are also employed by the automobile manufacturing department at Toyota headquarters (
She said they performed 100 actions in a second).
Asimo is also on display at the Future Science Museum in Japan. Asimo (
Advanced steps in Innovative Mobility)
It is a humanoid robot developed and manufactured by Honda.
It is 4 feet 3 inch and weighs 54 kg.
It is like a little astronaut carrying a backpack and can walk or run on 2 feet kilometers at a speed of up to 6 km/h.
How does the robot react?
* Use techniques such as \"fuzzy logic\" and \"artificial intelligence\" to develop algorithmic programs.
* This allows training system based on your role (
By the way, Rajnikanth train Chitty walks in \"Enthiran \").
\"Once you have hardware implementation and training, the robot starts to react to this project.
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