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Robot company Gao Xian completed A round of tens of millions of US dollars financing

by:IMASS     2020-02-21
Gao Xian, a slam technology and robot company, recently officially announced the completion of round A of tens of millions of US dollars financing. This round of financing was led by lanchi venture capital and followed by Seven Seas. Cheng Haotian, founder and CEO of Gao Xian, said that Gao Xian is one of the earliest companies in the world engaged in SLAM technology research and development and application exploration. Founded in 2013, during the five years, gao Xian has successfully visited nearly a hundred intelligent robot terminal enterprises to provide a complete SLAM commercial solution, and has achieved a market share of more than 60% in this field in China. The total operation of robots exceeds millions of kilometers, in the past year, the comprehensive revenue has reached tens of millions, and the sales revenue is expected to exceed 0. 1 billion yuan in 2018. At present, Gao Xian has its own brand of commercial cleaning robot products, security robots, building distribution robots and other products and industry solutions. Cao Wei, executive director of lanchi venture capital, said: 'lanchi has its own standards in screening artificial intelligence projects. A pragmatic team that combines core technology capabilities and commercialization strategies, can find industries and landing scenarios with large-scale demand, and can provide products and solutions that truly solve user problems, achieve what we often call 'hard technology, soft landing '. 'Lanchi venture capital Cao Wei also added:' We found that Gao Xian is a rare domestic global vision and channel resources, with at least 2 years of technical and engineering capabilities leading the competition, it is also a team that can efficiently help customers solve practical problems and needs and realize large-scale commercialization, which is also the reason why we chose Gao Xian. 'GAO Xian CEO Cheng Haotian also said that next, Gao Xian will continue to invest the budget for SLAM2. 0 research and exploration, and further develop and Shenzhen cleaning, security, distribution and other key vertical areas, in order to form the company's double barriers in technology and commerce. Recently, Gao Xian also joined the Singapore comprehensive technical committee (JTC) A new generation of products has been released, which is already a commercial cleaning robot that Gao Xian has gone through five rounds of iterations. On June this year, Gao Xian will also officially launch an unmanned sanitation vehicle, and the commercial intelligent cleaning application will cover all indoor and outdoor scenes. SLAM is a robot autonomous mobile navigation technology, which is listed as the three bottom technologies of robot together with computer vision and natural language understanding. Judging from the current technical level, computer vision and natural language understanding are still in the stage of weak intelligence, and the application scenarios are relatively limited. Although SLAM autonomous mobile navigation technology started later than the first two, but relatively more stable and mature. The key difficulties and development trends of SLAM technology include multi-transmitter fusion and adaptability to complex scenes. Source: Economic Reference Network, Author: Li Jing
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