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Robot Cleaner Full Introduction From Kaihao Electronics Factory


Robot cleaner, also known as lazy sweeper, is an intelligent household appliance that can automatically vacuum floor.

Because it can detect room size, furniture placement, cleanliness of the ground and other factors, and isuch robot sweeper relies on the built-in program, it can make a reasonable cleaning route, with a certain degree of intelligence, so it is called robot cleaner.

At present, the level of intelligence of sweeping robot is not as advanced as imagined, but as the leader of the new concept of smart home, it will inject forward power for robot to finally enter thousands of homes.

Sweeping robot is a kind of intelligent household appliances, it can rely on certain artificial intelligence, automatically complete the floor cleaning work in the room.

Generally, brush and vacuum are adopted to absorb the debris on the ground into the garbage storage box, so as to complete the function of cleaning the ground.

Generally speaking, sweeper robots that complete cleaning, vacuuming and scrubbing are also classified as sweeping robots.

The development direction of sweeping robot will be of higher cleaning effect, higher cleaning efficiency and larger cleaning area brought by more advanced artificial intelligence.

The recognition of the environment by sweeping robot mainly includes several aspects:

1. Overall recording and scanning of room size.

Through a few familiar with the environment, the floor robot's microcomputer will form a fixed map of the room inside, how big the room is;How the furniture of the room is arranged;

A series of spatial scans of what parts of the room cannot be cleaned and so on are stored in the sweeper's microcomputer, and then the ceiling satellite positioning system is used to make a corresponding work plan according to the current position.

2. Identification of ground garbage.

It uses infrared sensors to identify the type of garbage on the floor and then decides whether to mop it up, sweep it or scrub it.

At this point, the current sweeper robot can only identify whether there is garbage and cannot distinguish the categories. Besides, the way of cleaning is relatively simple, which is a problem that the sweeper robot will have to solve in the future.

3.Develop cleaning practices

For the sweeping robot, there may be a variety of built-in cleaning methods, such as linear, edge cleaning, spiral cleaning, cross cleaning, focus cleaning, etc., but according to the different types of garbage to use the microcomputer to decide which method.

In general, the microcomputer determines the cleaning method based on the type of garbage it senses, the amount of garbage, and so on.

Since it is called robot, one of its important functions is human-computer interaction, but this function is not mature, so it is rarely used in the sweeping robot.

However, this function will be the key to whether a sweeping robot can be called a robot in the future.

  • Cleaning systems of robot cleaner can be divided into the following categories:

  • 1. Single suction nozzle type

    The single-suction cleaning method is useful for floating ash on the floor, but is not ideal for long-accumulated ash and electrostatic dirt under the table (the design is relatively simple with only one suction).

  • 2.Brush type

  • It is better to big particulate matter and carpet cleaning effect, but the ground dust treatment is a little poor, more suitable for the household environment of European whole carpet.

    Poor cleaning of marblestone floor and wood floor dust in Asian market (cleaning method: the main surface is picked up by a plastic brush and a brush rotates relatively).

  • For the sweeping robot, there may be a variety of built-in cleaning methods, such as linear, edge cleaning, spiral cleaning, cross cleaning, focus cleaning, etc., but according to the different types of garbage to use the microcomputer to decide which method.

  • In general, the microcomputer determines the cleaning method based on the type of garbage it senses, the amount of garbage, and so on.

  • 3. Lifting V brush type

  • Represented by The Taiwan model, it adopts the lifting V brush floating cleaning, which can better fit the brush system to the ground environment, and it is relatively more effective in cleaning the electrostatic adsorption dust on the opposite side (the whole V brush system can automatically rise and fall, and form vacuum negative pressure in the triangle area).

There are two main types of detection systems of robot cleaner:

1. Infrared sensing

Infrared ray transmission distance is far, but have quite high requirement to use environment, when encounter light color or brunet household item it cannot reflect back, can cause machine and household item to produce collision time for a long time, the household item of bottom can be hit by it spot spot.

2. Ultrasonic bionics technology

Using bionic ultrasonic technology, similar to whales, bats use sound waves to detect and determine household items and spatial orientation, with high sensitivity and high technical cost. It is used systematically in the aviation industry.

Basic wiring of robotic cleaner

1. High-speed operation of the sweeping mechanical and electrical motor generally use less than 1000 watts of electricity, so the heat generated by it and the electric heating furnace is equivalent.

2. General sweepers are equipped with current fuses and "thermal protectors", so even if the motor overheats, it can timely monitor the temperature rise and temporarily cut off the current to the motor to prevent it from happening.

It is also equipped with a "airflow protector", which works when the suction nozzle is blocked and the air stops flowing, opens the emergency air suction inlet, and USES external cool air to suppress the overheating of the main engine.

Exhaust filter of robotic cleaner

Robot sweeper is fitted with a strainer to keep the tiny dust inhaled from leaking out.

In addition, cloth bags or paper bags also act as filters.

These screens prevent the motor from being damaged by extremely small amounts of dust, and they also prevent the air in the room from becoming dirty.

Performance characteristics of robot cleaner

1. Vacuum cleaner is formed in the main engine through the high-speed rotation of the motor, and waste is drawn from the suction inlet by using the high-speed airflow generated thereby.

At this time the air speed of up to 240 RPM, lice and other pests in the main engine, will be due to high-speed collision of the dust tube wall and died.

2. Garbage inhaled from the sweeper is stored in the bag-bag machine, and the air purified by the filter is discharged from the sweeper while the motor is cooled.

3. Motor is the heart of robot sweeper, its performance can directly affect the sweeper reliability.

In addition, the motor is used by the sweeper rotates at 20,000 to 40,000 revolutions per minute.

And if the electric motor of electric fan, its speed is about 1800 ~ 3600 revolutions per minute, from which we can see how high the speed of sweeping mechanical and electrical motor is.

4. The correct performance of the sweeper unit, not the input power (watts, or amperes), but the output power (suction power).

The suction force depends on the resultant force of the wind and vacuum, but these two factors have opposite properties.

In other words, when the wind force is high, the vacuum force becomes weaker, while when the vacuum force is strong, the wind force becomes smaller.

The maximum value of the combined force of the two is the suction power of the sweeper, which is expressed in watts (W).

This definition, is the international standard organization (ISO) that represents the performance of the sweeper international standard, in the world to be recognized.

At present (at the beginning of the 21st century), Japan, Germany and other countries use it as a unit to express the performance of the sweeper, but in other regions, the size of the input power is directly misunderstood as a unit to express the performance of robot sweeper.

  • The sweeping robot is a new type of floor and carpet cleaning appliance designed in modern family environment. It USES rechargeable battery as the power source and has the functions of cleaning and vacuuming. It is suitable for office buildings, meeting rooms and families.

  • A lot of people mistake sweeper robot is a kind of vacuum cleaner, actually no matter see both from practical effect or working principle different, do not be misled by business.

  • With the improvement of living standards, the floor sweeping robot has entered people's life more and more because of its simple operation and convenient use, and has become an important member of small household appliances. But it can also cause a fire if it is not handled properly during use.

  • During the use of the sweeping robot, fire prevention should be paid attention to as follows:

  • 1. Do not use in a humid environment, in order to avoid the motor moisture short-circuit fire. If not wet and dry cleaning robot must not water;

  • 2. Do not inhale flammable objects such as matches and cigarette butts into the sweeping robot;

  • 3. Use time should not be too long, if cleaning overhearts, a pause should be crried beore use to prevent motor from overheating and burning out;

  • 4. It is strictly prohibited to use sweeping robots in inflammable and explosive dangerous places to avoid fire and explosion accidents;

  • 5. After each use of the sweeping robot, unplug the power cord from the socket, arrange the sweeping robot and store it in a dry place.

  • Clear robot cleaner in time

  • When robotic sweeper is used for a long time, the suction drops due to the blockage of the mesh of the filter.

  • In order to prevent the suction drop, robot cleaner should be cleaned with water filter screen and cloth bag regularly, after washing in the shade dry before use.

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