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Recommended for 3 powerful sweeping robots for happy cleaning at the end of the year

by:IMASS     2020-02-15
At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, should you clean up your nest when you are a little free? Looking at the messy cabin, do you think there is still the courage to continue living? Don't be lazy, hurry up and tidy up the room. Of course, with the development of science and technology, Dali's cabin has long been clean without much effort. If you don't believe these recommendations from Xiaobian, you will understand. Pu Sanick blue SKy sweeping robot Pu Sanick blue SKy sweeping robot is the key product of this year's sweeping robot with the advantages of 1200Pa large suction and accurate positioning. IPNAS intelligent cleaning system provides positioning- Four-stage intelligent cleaning system for composition, planning and cleaning. Make intelligent cleaning more intelligent and efficient. The second positioning system has a built-in wireless probe to break through the space limitation and realize the whole house positioning. The wireless carrier indoor positioning system detects the distance and coordinate changes through the charger seat and the wireless carrier, making the positioning more accurate. The front distance sensing device automatically identifies the home and avoids it. Protect furniture from damage. The scheduled cleaning function, according to their own habits and needs, choose the appropriate appointment time, the large suction motor can easily earn large volumes of garbage such as pet hair. The 3-stage HEPA filter screen filters dust particles to effectively avoid the spread of secondary pollution. The fuselage is made of mirror PMMA material to prevent scratches. It is easier to clean the surface and maintain a brand-new appearance for a long time. The 2500mAh power lithium battery is enough to cope with the 150 ㎡ home environment. At present, the strong sweeping robot Jingdong sells for 1799 yuan.
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