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Problems of the robot technology and services to upgrade is the antidote

by:IMASS     2020-03-12
The Internet has brought two new economic form - — Women economy and lazy people. Women economic is the most representative of the electricity industry, whether it's double 11 or the latest 618 shopping festival, women is the main consumer group, alibaba soaring market value, jingdong finally achieve quarterly earnings, 80% of the credit in female friend. While lazy economy, economy more universal than women. Take-away, mobile and other forms of travel O2O service, really makes people realize the 'clothing to hand and foot' of life. Give priority to with sweeping robot and the emergence of various kinds of intelligent household equipment, have to want to 'lay' housework lazy people enjoy the convenience, this kind of 'lazy' is not just an ordinary people's favorite, and even many stars loyal users of the robot is sweeping the floor. Sweeping robot as China speed up the pace of urbanization, more and more people will go into the city to become 'citizen', and young people will be pouring into the super city circle, these people will become the urban consumption emerging powers. Under the background of consumption upgrade, which can bring convenience to the life, adapt to the fast pace of product will be more and more get the favour of the user. Internet service of demographic dividend is fading, but for a new digital category, such as sweeping robot will be the opportunity for the development of urbanization and consumption upgrade. Another big opportunity tuyere is intelligence household to site. The third rise of artificial intelligence technology, voice interaction, booster intelligent household concept again at the center of the tuyere. More and more intelligent speaker product release, convenient interaction, intelligent speakers become the new intelligent home entrance. New entrance brings other intelligent household products new opportunities. Sweeping robot after years of development, has the access to the possibility of intelligent family at any time. According to global intelligence research consulting released '2017 - In 2022 China's sweeping robot market running situation and investment strategy research report shows that global sweep robot sales in 2014 reached 3. 3 million, increased by 20 2. 74 million than in 2013. 4%. During 2015 to 2018, is expected to sweep the floor of the robot sales will be explosive growth, accumulative total sales of 25. 9 million. In 2015, according to GFK data, China's sweeping robot market retail at around RMB 5 billion, that figure will reach RMB 7. 5 billion in 2017, will increase to 12 billion yuan, 2018 yuan. But the positive market expectations, also could not hide current sweeping the problems existing in the robot industry -- — Product homogeneity and innovation co. , LTD. Early sweeping robot much took the form of random cleaning work, in the past two years, and intelligent path planning has gradually become the standard of sweeping robot functions. But for users, the use of the robot is still has a lot of inconvenience. Multiplayer incoming make sweeping robot market today echoed with one thousand yuan of the mobile phone market. With the price of the product be price down to one thousand yuan, but the problem with - — Price of product homogeneity and more serious problems such as lack of innovation, but also lower the value of the brand. How to solve the current technical bottleneck is sweeping robot manufacturers will face the biggest problem. The development of artificial intelligence technology is sweeping the robot's opportunity. At present, voice interaction, image recognition, machine vision technology has been basic mature, and have the possibility of a commercial. If these techniques can be used in sweeping robot product upgrades, will be one of the breakthrough to solve product homogeneity, sweep the floor may even become a concept of intelligent family robot landing a big boost. Another breakthrough is the upgrading of products and services. For ordinary users, the performance-to-price ratio to be their highest pursuit. Now 1000 - 2000 yuan interval sweeping robot products occupying most of the market sales. According to the national grid, according to data from the second half of 2016, 1000 - Interval of sweeping robot sales accounted for 2000 yuan more than 35. 32 3%, more than 2000 yuan of above products. Accounted for 4% of sales. In the first half of 2016, 2000 yuan of above product sales accounted for 41. 1%. In the product before the upgrade is complete, through the price war is hard to realize the growth of the user, more practical way is to upgrade services, is also the embodiment of the brand differentiation. After-sales maintenance convenience is a major service upgrade, relies on the offline stores to increase cooperation, perfect after-sales service will be able to promote to the consumer the attraction. Also may refer to is the practice of mobile phone industry is mature, such as old for new service, division, also recently launched a sweeping robot users against 'cash-for-clunkers' activities. In addition to attract users of the older generation realize retained by participating in activities. For the pursuit of quality of life but also the pursuit of the ratio of the younger generation, is also a method for realizing the low price to get more convenient service. The development of artificial intelligence is sweeping across the industry robot, the Internet of things and the progress of smart home technology will further promote the robot technology upgrade, but outside of the technology, service quality will also determine sweeping robot really usher in explosive growth of the industry
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