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Only 999 yuan! Mijia sweeping robot opponent is coming

by:IMASS     2020-03-06
On March 27, Suning smart products 2019 spring conference was held in Beijing, and the small Biu family also welcomed new members-- Suning extremely small Biu sweeping robot, the first 10 thousand units sold for only 999 yuan. Suning extremely small Biu sweeping robot adopts minimalist style design, only 7. 6cm ultra-thin figure, able to drill into more low corners for cleaning. It also has the characteristics of 1800Pa large suction, double brush gathering, strong roller sweeping, strong motor suction, etc. It is equipped with a color camera, using 24 sensors, 1. 5GHz main chip, TIRVS algorithm, VSLAM vision technology, support color video surveillance, viewing angle 17- 73 °, observe while sweeping, see obstacles, take the initiative to slow down and avoid. The small Biu sweeper can also carry out visual panoramic planning and navigation. In the process of cleaning, it can build a virtual map, complete intelligent cleaning through bow-shaped path planning, eliminate 'missing scanning' and 'repeated scanning', and can also manually control the cleaning route. In addition, through the remote intelligent control of relevant APP, you can have a panoramic view of the situation in your home whenever and wherever, and you can also take photos or videos. Suning's extremely small Biu sweeper was opened at 18: 00 on March 27. The original price was 1499 yuan and the deposit was 49 yuan. On April 4, it had the opportunity to grab the first 10 thousand early adopters and the price was only 999 yuan.
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