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Nima county, Tibet autonomous region, 2019 baotou aluminium machine hall

by:IMASS     2020-03-15
Nima county, Tibet autonomous region, 2019 baotou aluminium machine hall professional committed to the complete set of equipment for laser cutting machine laser welding machine, fiber laser welding factory house price concessions. After completion of the debt of stock planning, chinalco is expected to shandong, zhongzhou aluminum, baotou aluminium and chinalco asset-liability ratio leaves dropped to 29. 01%, 25. 99%, 53. 92%, 25. 90%, chinalco merger caliber asset-liability ratio to 66%, and significantly reduce interest payments, continuous operation of high-quality assets. This to go on all the chinalco, no doubt is a good news. Chinalco said the four target companies to leave for the company is a subsidiary of produce essential bauxite and alumina, electrolytic aluminum, until now the higher asset-liability ratio have disadvantages in its operating experience and experienced further enhance profitability. In order to thoroughly implement represented country on supply side structural reform of the 'three to one drop one filling' work decision deployment, through the introduction of the third party investors to capital increase on the underlying company, company asset-liability ratio can effectively decline in target, strengthen the target company's comprehensive competition has hidden experience and development strength. Policy, announced on January in the ministry of the electrolytic aluminium company capacity through mergers and reorganization and other ways for replacement project announcements concerning the material, see words indicating time line will speed up the production replacement. And purchase the investment yield will strong indicators of company, big discipline will be the first and second quarters on produce electrolytic aluminum projects, aluminum market supply pressure. Chinalco announced today that development of the material assets reorganization announcement. On January 11, 2018, the company formally signed in Beijing with the buy and sell each other the China aluminum co. , LTD. , purchase of assets through issuing shares framework agreement, the company intends to buy and sell goods to each other through issuing shares to buy goods total holdings of chalco shandong 30. 80% stake, zhongzhou aluminium 36. 90% stake, baotou aluminium 25. 67% stake and chinalco, 81. 14% stake, agree to buy and sell goods to each other according to the future with company shall negotiate as absolutely buy from everywhere conditions to the company sell its holdings of the underlying asset. Authors in aluminium company synergistic homework after death, is a series of business move underway, there contains the previous closing of fushun aluminium and gansu hualu capacity to move. According to chinalco's strategic planning, containing aluminium, chinalco would be a future 'aluminium base, three big alumina base' pattern, in order to give full play to regional advantages, clarify its many companies business functions. Chinalco has failed to commodities in this round in the cold. In 2015, chinalco, chinalco's stake in listed companies belong to the net profit of listed companies to 2. 0. 6 billion yuan, but excluding non-recurring gains and losses of the net profit of - 64. 3. 2 billion yuan. After a year, to the net profit of listed companies is the giant of the losses as high as 16. 2 billion yuan. In the four target companies, baotou aluminium is profitable experienced the strongest company, and in the buying and selling goods, whose value is highest. According to the valuation, baotou aluminium is 25. A 67% stake in corresponding valuation of 26. 6. 8 billion yuan, expanded to the whole equity, the company's overall value is 103. 9. 3 billion yuan. As to the present by the domestic aluminum industry competitiveness strong company, baotou aluminium, relying on its cost advantages, higher than the counterpart of the company's gross margin is implemented. As a market debt convertible landmark projects, chinalco leverage this drop since the announcements and causes the height of the market concerned about attention. 'Three to a drop in country summons shall fill a' environment, chinalco's positive response to the call of the State Council on promoting the supply side structural reforms, focus on 'three to one drop. ' all the work. Chinalco group, says the 'deleveraging' optimize the capital structure, a sharp fall in the chinalco asset-liability ratio, as chinalco's future technology development, product development, industrial upgrading the development opportunity. Even in the low dividend secondary market investors bet on the supply side reform, can also be following a sharp rebound in the stock price hit bottom profit a lot from it. Through a series of operations, the company improve the competitiveness of industry. According to zhongtai securities research report, in 2015, chinalco in electrolytic aluminum production cost but also the top 70%, within the industry in 2017, that figure has risen to 45%, while the alumina into the top 40%. Before the capital increase, chalco shandong and zhongzhou aluminium, four companies are wholly owned subsidiary of aluminum corporation of China. After the completion of the chinalco to raise capital, chalco shandong, zhongzhou aluminum four companies such as shareholding falls, side edge, chinalco's ownership accounted for only 18. 86%. Electrolytic aluminium ( Aluminium) Based on bauxite electrolytic material, after joining cryolite as the reaction agent electrolytic, now aluminum is making in this way. And alumina product is aluminium oxide, combustion phenomenon in oxygen or in air heating can be got. Accurate network sponsorship,
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