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Midea releases i5 Extra smart sweeping robot

by:IMASS     2020-02-24
According to reports, recently, Midea released a new product in Hangzhou Dream Town-- Midea i5 Extra intelligent sweeping robot. According to reports, Midea i5 Extra smart sweeping robot has the functions of efficient cleaning and video voice interaction. Midea i5 Extra intelligent sweeping robot is equipped with imported Nidec brushless motor, with a maximum suction of 4000; Through the application of high-efficiency brushless motor and the optimal design of air duct, the use of two-in-one rolling brush of wool top and hanging strip and bilateral rolling brush is coordinated. It is greatly different from the current situation that traditional sweeping robots can only clean floating dust. More than industry 2- 3 times of 4000Pa super suction, so that larger particles can also be easily inhaled into the capsule. In terms of video and voice interaction, Midea's i5 Extra intelligent sweeping robot is equipped with Qihoo 360 security camera, which has the functions of shooting, photographing, video and voice interaction, etc. to monitor the home environment in real time, let consumers interact with their parents, children and pets from time to time and have more emotional exchanges. Relevant image data can be stored and managed by mobile phone to effectively ensure data security. At the same time, Midea i5Extra intelligent sweeping robot also has the function of bow path planning, which is a breakthrough and innovation of intelligent sweeping robot in the field of cleaning. AI technology connects intelligent life. Yan Chun, deputy general manager of Midea's clean electrical appliance division, said Midea adheres to the concept of 'creating a better life for mankind, it is hoped that the beautiful intelligent household appliances represented by this beautiful i5 Extra intelligent sweeping robot can provide users with more idealized intelligent life experiences.
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