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maruti to check 52,686 new swift, baleno for faulty brake vacuum hose

by:IMASS     2019-09-13
New Delhi, May 8 ()
Ma Ruti Suzuki, India (MSI)
It said today that it requires 52,686 customers of the new Swift and Baleno models to carry out service activities to check whether there is a possibility of failure of the brake vacuum hose.
In communicating with customers on its website, MSI said that the new Swift and Baleno units manufactured between December 1-20, 2017 and March 16 will be covered in this activity.
A total of 44,982 new Swift were launched in February, and 7,704 Baleno\'s were included in the service activities.
The brake vacuum hose is a rubber tube that generates and releases vacuum when applying braking, but has no effect on braking and braking distance.
In Contact, a company official said the practice was not equal to a recall because the issue had nothing to do with safety.
The company said that the car company carried out service activities worldwide to correct faults that may cause inconvenience to customers.
The dealer will contact the customer to check and replace the faulty parts, MSI added.
\"The inspection and replacement will be done for the customer free of charge,\" the company said . \".
Indian automakers follow the voluntary recall policy adopted by industry body SIAM in July 2012, under which if a company believes that there is a manufacturing defect that harms the safety of the vehicle, it will voluntarily correct the problem to the client for free.
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