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Legend of characters: Mr. Qiu Jianbo, a benevolent doctor married to a high-altitude robot

by:IMASS     2020-02-16
On March 1, 2017, two colleagues from China Intelligent Network entered Shenzhen Lear Sunshine Technology Co. , Ltd. and contacted the founder of this enterprise at zero distance--Mr. Qiu Jianbo, chairman of the board. In just two hours, we learned deeply about the development of Shenzhen Lear Sunshine Technology Co. , Ltd. and the extraordinary achievements in the field of high-altitude cleaning application after Mr. Qiu Jianbo committed himself to high-altitude robots. As a kind-hearted doctor, Mr. Qiu Jianbo, a patient with heart, was brought up by his grandmother from an early age. According to his memory, his grandmother told him from an early age that 'He must be a useful person '. In the year of the college entrance examination, grandma passed away suddenly. Therefore, he resolutely applied for the medical major. After graduation, he became a doctor, and he became a bounden duty to be kind and save patients. During the SARS period from December 2002 to March 2003, shortly after graduation, he took the lead and fought to rescue SARS patients in the first line of SARS prevention and treatment in Hunan. Five patients recovered after his treatment; In the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan on 2008, he was the first batch of medical personnel to arrive in the disaster area during the earthquake relief operation, and the number of people treated was more than 200. According to common sense, Mr. Qiu Jianbo should be a leader in the medical field, but how could he resolutely 'abandon medicine for business? The main road to Jane turned around the Spring Festival Gala in 2017. The sketch of high-altitude cleaning and accidental wind blowing into other people's living rooms and the accidental gathering of lovers touched the audience, in fact, it also truly reproduces a special group of people with special jobs--Spider-Man. Spider-Man generally refers to those workers who climb on the outer walls of high-rise buildings in cities to do cleaning work. Because they can stay on the side of high-rise buildings, like spiders, they are called Spider-Man. Mr. Qiu Jianbo introduced to his colleagues in the Intelligent Network that his 'abandoning medicine and doing business' is really related to Spider Man. In a night shift more than ten years ago, as a doctor, he received two 'Spider-Man' who fell from the sky. Because of the serious injury, the two people died one after another that night when they had no time to rescue them, as a medical officer, Qiu Jianbo was powerless and felt very helpless; As an ordinary person, the pain and guilt in his heart are beyond words when he sees the fall from high altitude and the death of life. After that, he heard many times that there was a falling accident of 'Spider Man' working at high altitude. Mr. Qiu Jianbo thought, why can't he find a way to replace spider man instead of waiting? Since then, he has sprouted the idea of developing equipment to replace Spider-Man's work.
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