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Is the sweeping robot really useful? One consumption, permanent service

by:IMASS     2020-03-03
Is the sweeping robot really useful? One-time consumption and permanent service with the popularization of intelligent household appliances, more and more families have seen sweeping robots. Because the sweeping robots are easy to operate and use, he has become an important member of small household appliances. However, because most of the sweeping robots on the market currently use intelligent cleaning, whole house planning, and efficient coverage as promotional selling points, many people will also question whether the sweeping robot is good or not? In view of this, the author specially integrated a lot of data and screened out a cost-effective intelligent sweeping robot worthy of everyone's purchase. Let's get to know it together! This TF recommended by the author- G808 intelligent sweeping robot comes from German brand Feina TOMEFON, which has a successful history of more than 40 years in the field of cleaning and has been in more than 150 countries and regions around the world so far, accumulated sales of more than 2500 sweeping robots. Feina TOMEFON is committed to providing a better life for thousands of households. It has won the first brand of sweeping robot in Europe for eight consecutive years and has always been in the leading position in the sweeping robot industry, it is the best choice for consumers when purchasing sweeping robots. So, this Ferna TOMEFONTF- What are the main aspects of the high cost performance of G808 intelligent sweeping robot? 1. High-tech: Cleaning and upgrading, comprehensive planning does not miss the Pena TOMEFONTF- The G808 intelligent sweeping robot has a built-in dedicated high-tech chip, which can scan and locate before cleaning, formulate the whole house cleaning plan, and can also plan independently to clean different room types, bow-shaped efficient cleaning route can ensure linear cleaning without yaw. TF- At the same time, the G808 intelligent sweeper can also use the intelligent chip sensor to read data in real time to realize efficient and orderly cleaning. It actively remembers the cleaned and uncleaned areas. After the whole house is cleaned, we will stick the wall again to fill the leak and improve the cleaning coverage rate without missing any remote corner. 2. High efficiency: unlimited space and time, APP remote intelligent control when you go out to work, you can use Feina TOMEFONTF- The G808 sweeping robot has its own APP remote intelligent control function to view the sweeping situation of the sweeping robot in real time. Of course, you can also control the cleaning direction of the robot and set a regular cleaning time. After the appointment, the sweeping robot will automatically clean the floor without additional settings so that you can go home at any time, can have a clean home environment! 3. High Cleanliness: The most important thing is whether the sweeping robot can clean the ground by switching the cleaning mode at will. Ferna TOMEFONTF- The water tank of G808 sweeping robot can cope with an area of 120 ㎡ only by adding water once. It can penetrate evenly and dry as soon as it is towed. Intelligent water saving is not wasted. Sweeping and dragging are integrated and twice clean. At the same time, there are automatic cleaning, key cleaning, bow-shaped cleaning and border cleaning. Various cleaning modes can be switched, and different stains can be cleaned according to local conditions, which is efficient and comprehensive. 4. High intelligence: one-click cleaning and easy control of intelligent voice compared with young consumers, the older generation is often slower in accepting new things, especially smart home appliances, which have many obstacles to use, considering these, Feina TOMEFON integrates intelligent voice into this TF- In the G808 sweeping robot, it will automatically remind when there is a fault, and the one-button cleaning function is to simplify the use program of the sweeping robot, so that the slow-moving and slow-witted old people can use it conveniently, very sweet.
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