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Is the intelligent sweeping robot easy to use? Technology brings new clean mode

by:IMASS     2020-02-23
A friend asked me how your family assigned the task of cleaning. Their family had many conflicts because of this matter. They were both young couples, there is no such 'family war' in our family, because we have a secret weapon: Dyson intelligent dust collection robot! Perfect to avoid problems caused by home cleaning. In recent years, the vigorous development of science and technology has enabled more and more people to gradually 'liberate their hands' from heavy physical labor. Under this era background, sweeping robots have also entered, it has been popularized at an amazing speed and has rapidly entered the modern home system, occupying an increasingly important position in home cleaning. Many well-known brands have also increased the research and development of dust collection robots. As a famous high-end home appliance brand in Britain, Dyson is even more eager to set an example and developed an intelligent dust collection robot 360 Eye. This is also why I admire Dyson's intelligent dust collection robot. First of all, strong suction is the consistent feature of Dyson's dust collection products, and this dust collection robot is no exception. Patented digital motor technology makes it easy to adsorb 99. 97% small to 0. 3 micron dust and allergens can not only clean dust, but also maintain a clean and healthy home environment. The degree of humanization is an essential factor for current users to inspect the sweeping robot. Dyson intelligent dust collection robot can be said to be able to 'think' like a real person. It adopts 360-degree panoramic vision technology, as a technology embedded in the naming of this dust collection robot style, there is no doubt that it is a hot selling point. The 360-degree panoramic camera, together with the synchronous positioning and map building software SLAM technology, intelligently plans the cleaning route for the cleaning area, makes the cleaning task more efficient and orderly, does not leave blind spots, and allows you to easily enjoy a clean life. As an important member of the modern home system, Dyson's technology and creativity have always been known. This intelligent dust collection robot 360 Eye has added Dyson's patented integrated tank track technology. The tank-like track can make this small 'little guy' easily cross the obstacle, all kinds of ground can be moved effortlessly, and any ground will not be let go, making cleaning easier. Remote control technology is also a worthy advantage of this intelligent dust collection robot. No matter where I am, just need to register remotely, plan the cleaning schedule, and my robot will do the work easily for me. There is no need to worry about the shortage of electricity. It will go to the charging base to charge and return to continue cleaning after charging. It can be said that it greatly reduces the burden on people, truly liberates both hands, and makes home life easy and convenient. The problem of home cleaning that once gave me a headache was solved in minutes after the arrival of Dyson's intelligent dust collection robot. This little guy was like having eyes, not only flexible but also very organized, will be cleaned according to a certain plan, especially clean, with such a good helper, why worry about family hygiene?
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