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Is IMASS priced high?
Preparation Method of seawater Collected and sorted out online,Hope to help you,Reference mainly!1.The use effect of artificial seawater is closely related to the quality of artificial sea and water salt.Artificial sea salt, the more complete the compositionThe more reasonable the proportion,The more people prepare, the closer the working water is to the natural water.Artificial sea, the better the quality of water.Ornamental fish live in seawater.The stronger the adaptability,The higher the survival rate.The key to the preparation of artificial seawaterThe first is to choose good quality artificial seawater, salt.At present, there are many artificial sea salt varieties sold on the market.Produced abroad,There are also domestic products.According to the features of the sea fish to be raisedChoose carefully.Here is a foreign information about the artificial seawater formula.Salinity 3.34%,It is suitable for raising ornamental fish in seawater.Artificial seawater formula of Mocledon (salin

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Is the height of the activated carbon filter in the pretreatment system higher than that of the mechanical filter? The precision of activated carbon filter in the pretreatment system is higher than that of mechanical filter.The main function of the mechanical filter is to achieve the effect of solid-liquid separation, in addition to solid-liquid separation, activated carbon filter has a characteristic effect of filtration, activated carbon itself is a filter aid, and can also protect the filter media when used. And the role of adsorption, with adsorption color, smell, etc. Mechanical filters remove suspended matter, particulate matter and colloidal matter in raw water, and at the same time reduce turbidity and chroma in raw water, it can filter out the visible particles, algae and other visible substances brought by raw water. activated carbon filters remove color, dechlorine, remove organic matter, remove organic chlorine, remove ammonia nitrogen and nitrite, and remove residual chlorine or antioxidants, th
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