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IRobot develops intelligent sweeping robot, which can realize automatic garbage dumping and charging

by:IMASS     2020-02-25
At present, almost everyone's home has more or less several smart home products on standby, and among these products, the popularity of sweeping robots should be the highest, however, the intelligence of general sweeping robots is not high. However, recently American robot manufacturer iRobot launched an intelligent sweeping robot, which can realize automatic garbage dumping and charging. It is reported that this sweeping robot is equipped with a CleanBase base, which is also the biggest upgrade of this machine. It has the function of a charger and is equipped with a garbage bin that can absorb garbage from itself. According to the official introduction, this sweeping robot can store 30 times of cleaning garbage at a time. If you set it to clean once a day, it can satisfy the need not to manually clean up garbage for one month, finally, all you need to do is dump the garbage in your own garbage bin. In addition, the intelligent robot is equipped with an intelligent GPS device-- The NorthStar navigation box, which is placed at a higher position in the House and faces the whole house, can help the sweeping robot to carry out intelligent navigation, generate mapping maps, and plan an orderly and efficient walking distance. However, its price is also very expensive. The price of the sweeping robot with the CleanBase base base version is US $949, the CleanBase base base is US $299, and the sweeping robot is US $699. In short, in today's more and more choices of sweeping robots, it seems a little difficult for users to choose a good sweeping robot, but Xiaobian thinks that when choosing a sweeping robot, they still need to find their own needs.
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