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Intelligence is still the main theme CES2019 look at the road to the development of sweeping robots

by:IMASS     2020-03-02
Founded in 1967, CES has a history of 52 years and is currently one of the largest, highest-level and most influential consumer electronics exhibitions in the world. Such an exhibition is bound to be the best stage for many manufacturers to display their latest and most high-end products, and it is true, self-driving, AI, 5G, 8K . . . . . . They have appeared one after another, adding a lot to CES2019. Throughout this year's exhibition, intelligent robots are definitely the focus that cannot be bypassed. More importantly, today's intelligent products have explored more use scenarios, speaking of which, many people must have thought of the sweeping robot. Yes, the sweeping robot can be said to be the most intelligent product with 'Earth atmosphere'. Of course, this exhibition is indispensable. But what is the sweeping robot in your impression? : Ah, it's going to hit; Ah, hit; Ah, hit again; Er, you quickly sweep this side, sweep this side Ah; Er, how did you go? Is that so? In fact, the sweeping robot products are becoming more and more intelligent now. If you don't believe it, look at the new CES2019 products! Cobos: the visual recognition technology of AIVI makes robots more intelligent. The world's first kebos sweeping robot DG70 brings consumers a brand-new sensory experience, which not only meets the needs of consumers to minimize manual intervention cleaning, home cleaning efficiency has been greatly improved compared with the past. All this benefits from the new AIVI visual recognition technology. Dibao DG70 can give the optimal navigation route when working and is endowed with deep learning ability. Facing different family environments, can identify and avoid wires, slippers, socks and charging bases that often hinder the robot's work. At the same time, the sweeping robot DG70 carries the unique Smart Navi 2 of Cobos. 0 global planning technology and blue whale Cleaning System 2. 0, let Dibao work more logically and intelligently to meet the needs of consumers, and realize sweeping and dragging in one, so that cleaning is deeper. ILIFE intelligence: Say goodbye to mops and enter the era of washing the floor. During CES 2019, ILIFE intelligence also brought its first washing robot w400. compared with ordinary sweeping and wiping robots, this product focuses on 'intelligent floor washing' and creates a four-step efficient cleaning mode of washing, brushing, sucking and scraping, which can deeply clean various stains such as dirt, dust and liquid on the ground, compared with the ground wiping robot, this washing mode is more thorough in cleaning stubborn stains. In addition, this intelligent washing robot also uses the separation design of the clean water tank and the sewage tank to spray clean water and absorb sewage to prevent secondary pollution. In terms of intelligent planning, W400 continues the core technology of ILIFE intelligent sweeping robot field, and has the functions of intelligent planning and navigation, 'bow' shape planning and sweeping, real-time deviation correction, etc, achieve efficient deep cleaning. Scientific language: laser radar AI camera intelligently recognizes objects at the 2019 CES booth, scientific language released a star series of sweeping robots, which are equipped with laser radar AI camera linkage positioning and navigation system, combine laser recognition with camera recognition to make the sweeper actively adapt to the actual working environment, plan the best cleaning path, achieve better cleaning coverage, and solve the cleaning dead angle problem encountered by General sweepers. At the same time, based on visual recognition technology and AI algorithm, it breaks the limitation of dependence on light conditions. It can not only be applied to complex indoor scenes such as weak light, weak texture and strong light, it can also intelligently identify hundreds of kinds of indoor image objects, classify and record, visual ranging and avoid obstacles, such as paper scraps, pet hair, rice and other sweeping machines to identify them as sweeping objects. As for the garbage such as sticky candies and pet excrement which are not suitable for cleaning and the items such as shoes and toys which do not need to be cleaned, they are judged as obstacles. From the point of view of the new CES sweeping robot, intelligence is still a topic that cannot be bypassed. Sweeping robot products are becoming more and more intelligent, where they can be swept, where they can't be swept, and where they can be swept . . . . . . All know. Of course, for sweeping robots, future development opportunities and hidden worries coexist. 1  2  Next Page> 
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