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ILIFE Zhiyi Tianyao X800 visual navigation sweeping robot experience

by:IMASS     2020-02-20
Tianyao X800 is the second generation of visual planning and navigation sweeping robot under ILIFE Zhiyi. Compared with the previous Tianmu X660, it has been upgraded in all aspects such as planning system, cleaning structure, appearance design and intelligent experience, let's take a look at its specific performance. The top of Tianyao X800 is like a vinyl record, showing taste and style. Different from many sweeping and dragging integrated sweeping robots, after the water tank is installed, the sweeping robot will drive the vibration motor to work. At this time, the vibration of the water tank can be obviously felt, and the mop and the ground will generate continuous strong friction, it is similar to the principle of manual wiping, which was initiated by ILFE intelligence. In addition, the water output can be adjusted in APP, with a total of three gears: gentle, standard and strong, and Tianyao X800 can automatically identify the machine status, suspend work, be trapped, and return to charge without water seepage to prevent damage to the floor and the machine. The sweeping robot should not only sweep clean, but also know where it is and where it is going at any time. The camera at the top of Tianyao X800 can visually capture the home environment in real time, cooperating with CV- SLAM advanced robot graphics algorithm can quickly and accurately draw home maps, and with three independent processors for fast operation, it can intelligently divide cleaning areas to achieve high coverage, low repetition and no missing scanning. Is this sweeping robot what you have always wanted? Author: Li Fusheng
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