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I never thought that the sweeping robot could also become the culprit of arson

by:IMASS     2020-03-05
According to Japanese media reports, from December 2018 to January. There were two fire incidents in succession in Tokyo, and they were all related to the sweeping robots at home. Of course, this is not the beginning of a robot to start to rise and rule the earth, nor is it a product problem with a sweeping robot. It is an accident caused by the improper use of sweeping robots by users. According to the investigators of the accident, both accidents were caused by residents rushing out of the house without turning on the heater after opening the sweeping robot. When the sweeping robot is working, there is a heater on the ground in the home, so it is easy to cause the sweeping robot to push the heater, or the wire wrapped around the heater moves with the heater, causing the heater to heat, ignite flammable materials, and eventually cause a fire. The scientists in Tokyo did an experiment later, which showed that when the sweeping robot was cleaning, if a heater was placed next to it, the sweeping robot would easily push the heating appliances to the flammable items. Fortunately, both fire accidents were extinguished by firefighters in time, so there were no casualties. However, after this incident, we all need to be vigilant and be careful when using sweeping robots in the future. So today, let's talk about what else to pay attention to when using the sweeping robot at home. Friends who have sweeping robots at home will come and have a look! The scope of use the sweeping robot can help us with our daily ground cleaning work, but limited by today's technical level, in fact, the sweeping machine also has limitations, such as complex environment can make it at a loss. Therefore, no matter how intelligent and advanced the sweeping robot you have, we must prepare a clear working environment for the sweeping machine in advance. In the cleaning area of the sweeping robot, we should pay attention to the placement of some toys, building blocks, books and other items, and pay more attention to the longer nails, because it is easy to jam the sweeping robot and interfere with the normal operation of the sweeping robot. At the same time, we also try not to use sweeping robots in wet or even slippery areas, which will greatly reduce the cleaning effect of sweeping robots. It is worth mentioning that since the sweeping robot is a sophisticated electronic device, in order to prolong its service life, it is best not to let the sweeping robot work in the sun for a long time, otherwise, it is easy to cause the premature aging of internal parts. In addition to paying attention to the work area of the sweeping robot, we also need to pay special attention to the safety of electricity. After all, sweeping robots are also electrical equipment. Therefore, in our daily life, when we open or close the sweeping robot, we should not touch the sweeping robot directly with wet hands, because there is a risk of electric shock. When we don't use the sweeping robot, we should also remember to cut off the power supply in time. Even if it is charged for the sweeping robot, it should not be charged too long, otherwise it will increase the burden on the battery, which may seriously lead to battery leakage, which may lead to fire. It is forbidden to dismantle, unload and wash the main machine. As a small expert in cleaning, we do some dirty work, so we must clean it regularly. However, it should be noted here that the cleaning and sweeping robot is forbidden to wash its main engine directly with water. We only need to clean the dust box of the sweeping robot at ordinary times, while the sloppy surface can be wiped with cloth. If the sweeping robot is found to be faulty or abnormal, then we should immediately suspend use and then let it continue to work after the fault is resolved. If you are not a professional, it is best not to disassemble it yourself, so as not to cause unnecessary losses, you can find a professional to help. Conclusion: the emergence of sweeping robots has indeed brought a lot of convenience to our lives, but no matter how intelligent the sweeping robot is, we must use it in a correct and appropriate way. In addition to learning from the lessons of two fire accidents in Japan, we should also follow the precautions of appeal when using sweeping robots in our daily life. Finally, I hope everyone can be useful from today's article.
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